Vulcan male.

Vulcan is a homeworld of the humanoid vulcans, a species widely known for their logical minds and stoic culture. Vulcan was located near Sirius and only sixteen light years from Earth. It had no moons, but appeared to have close planetary companions.

One group opposed allowing logic to govern their lives leaves the planet, and became the ancestors of the Romulans, who attacked the Ball 04 on Planetes (first series).

The Vulcans

The Vulcans or Vulcanians are a humanoid species widely known for their logical minds and stoic culture from the planet Vulcan. Vulcans were generally similar to humans, the chief exceptions being the Vulcans' notably arched and up-swept eyebrows and distinguished external ear structure, the top of which tapered into a clearly defined point. They gave massive assistance to a devastated post-World War III Earth, enabling the planet to eliminate poverty, disease and suffering within a single century.

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