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A Time Lord is each incarnation of an alternative version of Josep Maria who gained the ability to regenerate his body if his current body is mortally wounded or because of severe illness, old age, fatigue or giving life to another person (through a mind meld). This process results in his body undergoing a transformation, gaining a new physical form and a new personality; just like Time Lords from British science-fiction series Doctor Who: that's why Josep Maria decided to use this name. Starting with Robert (so after his first regeneration), he has two hearts, also like fictional Time Lords from Doctor Who. Josep Maria's alternative version before his first regeneration is considered the first Time Lord, Robert is the second, Panda is the third, and two more Time Lords are known after Panda's fake dead.

Becoming a Time Lord

In an alternative timeline without Panda's changes, that is to say, in a time loop which begins with the alteration of the original timeline done by the Sulibans in April 2011 and which ends in the year 2020, after an unsuccessful attempt to try to fix the history by travelling to 2010 and telling his younger version to avoid this unpleasant future (the events of the film Planetes II: The Creator of the Show), the future Josep Maria 24 remains in the year 2010 to try to fix the timeline again, and works independent without speaking with his young version and with the Federation Starfleet. During this time, 25 goes to the limbo because Annika Caetano somehow has survived in a television series named ANT Farm. 25 appears when the series will finish in 2014 and kills Chyna, the protagonist of the series who in reality was Annika, with laser arrows. When she is dead, he absorbs her energy reducing and eating her body.



Again in the real world, 25 continues with his plan to stop the Sulibans. However, he fails and the Sulibans succeed with his aim. 25, after his failure, tries to go back in time with the camera that allows him to travel in time, to go back to try to fix the history again. The vortex collapses, the camera is absorbed by the vortex and suddenly 25 arrives at November 11th, 2007. Some bullies steal his camera, and 25 points them a Phaser and wants these boys to return him the camera. The bullies don't accept and they begin a fight which 25 loses, they disarm him and one of them stabs 25 mortally. The bullies escape and leave 25 with his Phaser dying on the ground. With this knife wound, he'll die, but suddenly his hands light and from him emerges an energy which begins to cure his wound: 25 regenerates like Annika's species. But in the middle of the process, before turning a baby, 25 stops the process and now he has a different appearance: higher, stronger and braver, although has the same hair and is very resembled to his original form. He takes his Phaser and pursues the bullies, stuns the one who was taking the camera and says to the others to escape or he'll stun them too. The camera falls on the ground and spoils a bit, but 25 takes it and gets off from this time.

Later, it's discovered that 26 has taken the name of Robert, says that he comes from Bulgaria and becomes Sandra López's boyfriend, since some time ago he fell in love with her, but in reality Robert tries to make 21 have a relationship with Sandra to avoid him from wanting to be with Andrea, and that is why Robert kisses Sandra to make her fall in love with 21 by a Teremedosian mind meld, since 21 is in love with Andrea. And Robert also has come to avoid a thing which will happen to Sandra in the future: she'll be murdered by Andrea, as her double from Mirror Universe. And he wants to change the history and avoid it… Now he's bald. All this is showed in the films Planetes V: Your name on Earth and Planetes VI: Alone in an Ordinary World.


In the film Planetes VI: Alone in an Ordinary World, Regent Andrea kills 22's old flatmate called Mila. Robert manages to resuscitate her, but gives his vital energy and has to regenerate. Robert travels back in time with his transport ball and regenerates. The transport ball lands in a house from an unknown time, and Robert appears turned into a baby in a crib, with another family… Later, this baby grows with the nickname "Panda". First, when Panda is 12 years old, he registers in a competition that İhi Kadse attended in 2004, in order to see her before she knew her future boyfriend. Somewhat later, Panda travels back in time to World War II, and builds a machine to travel through time with the help of the Nazis: this time machine is known worldwide as Die Glocke, but everyone thinks it's a myth. Then he travels until the year 1980, where in Barcelona Panda meets a girl, they get married and have a daughter named Eli, who later will meet 22. Panda and his wife separated before Eli was born, therefore Eli never met her father. Nothing more is known about Panda until he looks like a forty-year-old man, who lives in Serbia and helps Josep Maria 22 and his team in their fight against Regent Andrea. It's also known that Panda helps 22 in a website called Wikia. At the moment Panda pretends to be a Serbian. After Robert's regeneration, Panda presents himself to the officers of the ship 07, and helps them in the mission to defeat Regent Andrea by using his advanced technology and his time machine which he refers to as "TARDIS".

In the film Planetes VII: The End of a Future, after the destruction of the ship FEF 07 and after 0's and Sandra's deaths, Panda helps Josep Maria 24 and introduces his TARDIS to him, but soon he leaves his youngest version alone, so that he can continue his life course of becoming a Time Lord. But after the end of this timeline, Panda decides to travel to July 25th, 2019, to change the history and to avoid the destruction of the 07, so the ship isn't destroyed and neither 0 nor Sandra die. Panda informs the officers of the ship 07 that he has changed the timeline, so different things will happen. Later, in the prison of Teremedó in which Alxy Frankz is located, Panda arrives at his cell disguised as a policeman and sticks a special dagger in his heart, kills him and while Alxy Frankz falls to the ground dead, Panda disguises himself again as a policeman and leaves the prison. Meanwhile, in the street, a man of about 35 years old takes an object and disguises himself as the same policeman, but sees Panda leaving the prison with the same appearance as him. The two fight through the streets of Bàrcinon, and finally Panda uses the doors of his TARDIS as a trap and manages to kill his enemy, cutting him in half. Panda goes to the 07 and tells 24 and 0 and there were three versions of Alxy Frankz and he has murdered two right now, but there's still another one who is the Owner of the Innocences and they must kill him as soon as possible. At the end of this film, Panda helps 24 to rematerialise Meŀlina from the alternate timeline of the "Winx Club" series where she has gone.

It's know that there's a synthetic girl who is looking for Panda, because both Panda and this evil ginoid live in Belgrade, and she's also friends with Josep Maria's teacher of Serbian named Ѕаrа Аndrејеvіć.

In the film Planetes VIII: I'll Redo Your Life, Panda helps 25 and 0 to make Meŀlina whole again, since when she materialised, her body wasn't complete. One day, Panda comes to tell the officers of the 07 that they must take to the ship 07 the metamorphic creature disguised as a normal girl learning Russian in 24's former school of languages, since they don't know who she is or what she wants. 24 is virtualised and 0 is teleported into the classroom of the school where the metamorphic creature studies Russian. 24's old classmates are surprised, and 24 tries to arrest the metamorphic creature. But she transforms into a big bird and tries to get out the window, and 0 is forced to shoot her with his phaser, but kills her: the creature explodes, and everybody's smeared with a strange liquid. 24 looks at the liquid and says: "The Dominion. We stopped you once and we'll do it again!". 0 erases the memory of everybody with a spiral, and they return to the ship 07. Panda says that the Earth could be invaded and destroyed by the Dominion, therefore they must destroy the Bajoran wormhole to prevent them from coming. Panda knows how to do it, and they go there. When they arrive, Panda modifies a torpedo, and when they throw it into the wormhole, it's destroyed. Panda says that the torpedo had red matter, but he doesn't explain what it is to prevent them from worrying. However, he says that they must be careful because they don't know if that changeling had warned the Dominion to attack the Earth or she was allied with someone else. Panda says he thinks it's the second thing, and goes away with his TARDIS. Later, Panda informs 25 and 0 that Meŀlina must return to Earth, because her polymorphic spectre will be deactivated within a week. But with the use of a program which Panda made, Alxy Frankz and Carla's evil version put them a trap inside the TARDIS and leave on Earth a human version of Meŀlina with only the memories of the clone, and extract real Meŀlina's life to give life to the new body created by them. That's to say, Meŀlina's relationship with 25 is over, after a six-month relationship. 25 hits the control table and says: "I'll kill you, Alxy Frankz!", and Panda says: "And I will, too!"…

Some time after this mission, Panda travels forward in time until 2032 and proposes the daughter of a cousin of 27 named Marta to travel with him through time and space with the TARDIS. Panda and Marta travel for five months until Marta decides to return home. She's 19, but 27 knows her when she's 9. When Marta returns home, it had only been a few minutes for her, and her family doesn't realise that she was gone. Then, Panda travels with the TARDIS to the planet Xelaya in the 25th century and proposes a girl from this planet, named Alara, to come with him in his TARDIS and travel through time and space. Alara agrees. Among other things, Panda revealed her that he's a Time Lord and that he's 90 years old despite his appearance as a middle-aged, because he can regenerate his body causing a complete physical and often psychological change, and he did it twice. After travelling 4 years together, Alara and Panda travel to Earth in the year 2022, where Alara meets Josep Maria, Panda's young version from an alternative timeline where he didn't became a Time Lord. On August 0th, Panda invites Josep Maria 27 to join them and travel to 21st century Xelaya, Alara's home planet. When they arrive on Xelaya, Panda explains that this planet is very big and has a very high gravity, so Alara has an impressive superhuman strength. 27 uses the virtualisation to move around the planet, while Panda uses a special suit so as not to be crushed by gravity, but he has limited time and movements with this suit. Therefore, they must split up. He'll stay in the TARDIS while 27 and Alara will explore the planet and its society in the 21st century. But suddenly, they're arrested by local policemen, who see that 27 isn't Xelayan. 27 uses his virtual powers to escape with Alara, and they return to the TARDIS. Inside the TARDIS, Panda proposes Alara to make a strong mind meld with 27, since there exists a myth: a very strong mind meld can give off a spectacular energy. 27 and Alara decide to make the strong mind meld and, while sharing a unique experience, an energy similar to that of a regeneration emerges from them. The TARDIS arrives on Earth, and 27 says goodbye to Panda and Alara, and returns home. So that his parents don't realise that he wasn't at home, he enters the station of the Teremedosian trains named STK and uses a teleporter from this station that takes him to the bed of his house. His parents notice nothing. The next day, at home, 27 remembers the strong mind meld, while in the TARDIS, Alara tells Panda that she wants to go home, she'd like to return to her time and be with her friends and her family again. Panda accepts and takes the TARDIS to 25th century Xelaya, and in Alara's room, she begins to remember the strong mind meld with 27 and says: "I think that I've fallen in love, but as always, I'm never lucky in love, since this is an impossible love…".

Panda travels three months back in time until May 2022 and goes to the 07 to do the final mission against Alxy Frankz, who wants to destroy Teremedó. After a fight, Panda finally manages to kill Alxy Frankz by cutting him with the TARDIS. Seeing Alxy Frankz's death, Carla destroys the TARDIS and kills Panda with a special weapon that prevents him from regenerating, therefore he'll die forever. When Carla prepares to kill 26, 0 kills her without knowing that the phaser was programmed to kill. The enemies died, but 26 still has to help his brother to be happy, so he creates a simulation in a holodeck and makes 0 believe that he'll start a new life with Carla from Earth, but in reality this Carla is a hologram. 0 and Franny will live this illusion, while 27 will live alone in the real world without being able to enter, since if he enters, 0 will discover the deception. Therefore, 27 can't see his brother or his nephew again. And Panda is probably dead…


Instead of dying, Panda somehow regenerated and travelled forwards in the future. Sergi is the fourth Time Lord who pretends to be born in 2032 and is the one who sent Ѕоlаnа, Josep Maria's daughter, back in time to Josep Maria's youth period in which he hadn't yet met Alara.

After Еlіѕеndа moved to the United States and started working with some scientists to create a transmitter to send a message to her mother's home planet and call a ship from this planet to come to Earth and leading to humanity's first official contact with an alien race (since she knew Xelaya's exact location), Ѕоlаnа's boyfriend broke up with her, because he began to doubt the lies of Ѕоlаnа's sister that Ѕоlаnа also used to justify her odd physiognomy. Еlіѕеndа and Ѕоlаnа eventually met an odd and weird man named Sergi, who studied with Andrea's son in the same school and were placed in the same classroom together because they're of the same age. Both Еlіѕеndа and Ѕоlаnа befriended Sergi, and he revealed to the girls that he was actually a Time Lord older than Panda and younger than Оѕсаr (Ѕаrа Аndrејеvіć's boyfriend). Ѕоlаnа always wanted to know what her father was like before meeting Alara, because Josep Maria put a rule on his family since he wanted to forget his brother 0: "About pre-Alara life, talking or asking is prohibited". Since Sergi revealed that he isn't human but a Time Lord who can travel through time, Ѕоlаnа, a born rebel whose greatest hatred are rules, asked him to send her back in time to Josep Maria's youth period in which he hadn't yet met Alara. Ѕоlаnа ended up in 2016 and started watching her young father without interfering with what he does.

Meanwhile, in 2062, Josep Maria 67 realised what his daughter Ѕоlаnа and her friend Sergi had done, especially because he already knew that Sergi was actually a Time Lord. At first he was angry, but his wife Alara and older daughter Еlіѕеndа calmed him down, while Еlіѕеndа continued her work in the United States trying to contact Xelaya. After understanding that his daughter Ѕоlаnа is no longer a child and that she knows what she does, 67 sent a message to his past version with Sergi's help telling him to talk to Еlіѕеndа and Ѕоlаnа, since they've helped him with a metamorphic creature that takes the form of beautiful girls to deceive him and studies also Russian in the Official School of Languages. In the meantime, Аlbеrt hadn't been able to forget Ѕоlаnа, he had been spying on her with drones and on the Net without leaving home until a girl from the 29th century named Vanessa got involved with him and proposed him to take him anywhere Sergi takes Ѕоlаnа.


The fifth and last known Time Lord, posing as an Englishman and currently dating Ѕаrа Аndrејеvіć, Josep Maria's teacher of Serbian. He isn't Оѕсаr Gаllаrdо, Mila's ex-boyfriend. He lost his ability to make mind melds, but it isn't known if he lost it after becoming Оѕсаr or after becoming Sergi.