Teremedovulcan Union

Teremedovulcan Union.

The Teremedovulcan Union is and alliance of Teremedosians and Vulcans of the Mirror Universe created by Yusma (with help of İhi Kadse), and it had a war with the Terran Empire in an alternate timeline.

The Teremedovulcan Union was formed as the union of the Teremedosians and the Vulcans in the face of unprovoked aggression from the Terran Empire. The Over-Intendant Selena Gomez started a war against the survivors of Teremedó, and then, Yusma joined his planet with Vulcan creating the Teremedovulcan Union, and they began a war against the Terrans and Selena. And Selena allied with a girl named Carol and she sent her to the primary universe to spaceship FEF 07 as a spy. There she hijacked ship 07 with Carol, and she wishes to use it as a weapon of a war in her world.

The Admiral of Earth in the Federation Starfleet, Josep Maria 15 found the same Over-Intendent with fewer years and sees an opportunity: if he erases her memory Selena won't grow and never will exist the Over-Intenden or her entire war that nearly ended with all teremedosians in the mirror universe: a war between Teremedovulcan Union and an Alliance of Terrans and Klingons. The timeline of mirror universe changed, where Josep Maria 15 gets to know that in altered mirror universe he is famous because there he did the "great achievement", although he has never done anything important there. In this new timeline, it seems that the Teremedovulcan Union no longer formed.

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