Teremedosian male.

Teremedó or M2 Munt1-DT1 is a planetoid located in a vortex inside a mountain on the planet Mars in the Solar System. It doesn't revolve around any star, but the planet is illuminated by a light-ball named Solemedó. Rotates on itself with a rotation period of 24 hours exactly, which determines the movement of day and night. It has one natural satellite, Lludne. Its technology is more advanced than Earth.

The Teremedosians

The teremedosians are a humanoid species that originate from planet Teremedó. Teremedosians are bipedal primates very similar to humans outside but inside are more powerful. The teremedosians, along with humans, gobolians, and nimbeans and mirians (from Talos system) form the Federation Starfleet.


The teremedosians and sulibans have a common origin in a remote planet in the Andromeda Galaxy: two remaining sisters of a extinct civilization founded the species. The older sister and vindictive called Sulny founded the Suliban species, and more peaceful called Melny founded the Teremedosian species. Sulny died, and Melny was alone. The ship FEF 08 found Melny in her planet, and captain Groka decides to stay with her, and dies on the planet.

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