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|title=Josep Maria Roca Peña {{#expr:({{CURRENTYEAR}})-(1995)-(({{CURRENTMONTH}})<(07)or({{CURRENTMONTH}})=(07)and({{CURRENTDAY}})<(26))}}.
|image=Josep Maria.png
|complete_name=Yusepy Maray Agrokak Peñad Koñat {{#expr:({{CURRENTYEAR}})-(1995)-(({{CURRENTMONTH}})<(07)or({{CURRENTMONTH}})=(07)and({{CURRENTDAY}})<(26))}}.
|species=[[Teremedó|Teremedosian]]<br >[[w:c:tardis:Time Lord|Time Lord]] (Robert & Panda)
|birth_date=July 26th, 1995
|birth_place=[[wikipedia:Barcelona|Barcelona]], [[wikipedia:Catalonia|Catalonia]], the [[Earth]]
|death_date=2105 (prime universe)<br >Alive under other appearances (new timeline)
|family=Josep Maria Roca Ramon {{#expr:({{CURRENTYEAR}})-(1940)-(({{CURRENTMONTH}})<(11)or({{CURRENTMONTH}})=(11)and({{CURRENTDAY}})<(29))}} (father)<br >María Vicenta Peña Pérez {{#expr:({{CURRENTYEAR}})-(1958)-(({{CURRENTMONTH}})<(05)or({{CURRENTMONTH}})=(05)and({{CURRENTDAY}})<(30))}} (mother)<br >[[0]] (twin brother)<br >[[Carla]] (sister-in-law, deceased)<br >[[Franny]] (nephew)<br >[[Dany]] (son, prime universe)<br >Êlisy (daughter, prime universe)<br >Adry (grandson, prime universe)
|relationships=[[Rutitto]] (childhood friend)<br />Crew of the ships [[Ball 04|04]], [[FEF 05|05]], [[FEF 06|06]], [[FEF 07|07]] and [[FEF 09|09]] (loyal officers under his command)<br />[[#Time Lords|Robert and Panda]] (allies)
|love_interests=[[İhi Kadse]] (first ex-girlfriend, wife in the prime universe’s future)<br />[[Meŀlina (Винкс-Melins)]]<br />(second ex-girlfriend)<br />[[Kimberly (Mimi)]] (crush)<br />[[Selena Gomez]] (crush)<br />[[Lorena]] (crush)<br />[[Lauryn]] (crush)<br />[[Alexandra]] (crush)<br />[[Sandra López]] (crush, kissed)<br />[[Andrea]] (crush)<br />[[w:c:specialsisters:Mila|Mila]] (crush)<br />[[Alara]] (in love each other)
|rank=Captain (2001-2007)<br />Admiral (2007-currently)
|mirror_universe=See [[Yusma]] (killed in December 2017 of the new timeline, or killed in 2095 in the prime universe)
|1ap=‘''[[Planetes (first series)|Planetes]]''’ (first series) - Season 1, episode 1 - ‘'''Incredible Escape'''’ (1999)

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