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Tekoda is an enclosure space that is situated in the Beta Quadrant of the Milky Way, near its centre. It's near Gobola. Appears only in Expanded Universe to Planetes: in Planetes (first series), the first part of Planetes Mata 2 and the first part of Planetes 3rd (in the latter series is destroyed by the Omega Directive). Its planets, stars and moons are:


Planet that is the capital. Four life forms with unknown origin, called bursiferians captured the spaceship ball 04 with Josep Maria 4, Ralja (gobolian) and other humans. Towards in the end of the first part of the Planetes Mata 2 the spaceship 05 defeats bursiferians and they become "kings" of Tekoda, but this is temporary because the bursiferians back, regain power and the children return to be closed. Finally Tekoda is defeated in the end of first part of Planetes 3rd with the destruction of Tekoda by the Omega Directive.

It has a satellite, Li’ka. The planet has a "sea" called Alurras. This planet is destroyed in the penultimate episode of the first season of Planetes 3rd, remaining the Alurras at Fu’bw.


Star habitable of Tekoda. This star was hidden in a group of children humans, were taken by bursiferians before. When arrived the ball 04 this group joined them. Ot is destroyed when Tekoda is destroyed.


A planet that its inhabitants are called ifnilians, then it's discovered that they are human. In almost every episodes showed Tekoda they are enemies of humans, until Josep Maria with six years founded the Federation Starfleet with humans and ifnilians. Only a small group of ifnilians remains FEF's enemies, who dies with bursiferians when Tekoda is destroyed.


This planet is discovered in the beginning of the second season of Planetes Mata 2. At first they called "Planet rock" for its geology, but later changed the name to the current. This planet is destroyed when Tekoda is destroyed.


At first it was considerated to be a satellite of Bur’sw (Sut’ka). This planet is destroyed when Tekoda is destroyed.


This planet is situated out of Tekoda, but is destroyed when Tekoda is destroyed.


This isn't a planet, but as a base with a huge door for them to leave and enter ships.

Next to the gate and around Tekoda there is a wall that prevents entry and exit of the enclosure.

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