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Map of Talos.

Talos is a star system similar to the Solar Sistem, near Vulcan. It has 11 planets:

Talos I

Uninhabited planet. It's near to its star, and is always on fire.

Talos II: Mira

This is a yellow planet and its atmosphere is composed of 90% nitrogen, 6% oxygen and 4% other gases, so a human, a teremedosian, a gobolian or a similar species can not survive in this planet. But the pressure is like Earth or higher, so they need a special astronaut's suit. On this planet, its species are called mirians, a green-skinned life form who breathes nitrogen. In this world doesn't exist blue.

Talos III: Nimbea

This planet has a ring, and is very similar to Earth, only there is less water (56%). On this planet, its species are called nimbeans, a very thin beings with telekinetic powers. They have three fingers instead of five, and his eyes are golden. They can transmit power to certain species, such as humans. They have a very advanced technology, they created a starfleet in the year 2001 and launched 12 spaceships (with mirians). The eighth went to Earth, its crew met Josep Maria 12 and Nimbea and Mira joined to the Federation Starfleet.

Talos IV

This planet seems to be more like the Earth, but supposedly is uninhabited.

Talos V-XI

Unexplored planets.


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