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Suliban male.

The Suliban were a nomadic humanoid species whose homeworld became uninhabitable in the 1850s. A Suliban sect, the Suliban Cabal, is an interstellar terrorist organization belonging to the Temporal Cold War (time travels), and their enemies are humans and teremedosians of XXVIII century.

The Suliban Cabal has the role of antagonists in the last season of Planetes 3rd and few episodes of SerieStar4 in the Expanded Universe of Planetes. As a representative of a faction in the Temporal Cold War, this individual used the Cabal as his foot soldiers in his attempts to alter history towards his own ends, and sulibans obtain genetic improvement.


The sulibans and teremedosians have a common origin in a remote planet in the Andromeda Galaxy: two remaining sisters of a extinct civilization founded the species. The older sister and vindictive called Sulny founded the Suliban species, and more peaceful called Melny founded the Teremedosian species. Sulny died, and Melny was alone. The ship FEF 08 found Melny in her planet, and captain Groka decides to stay with her, and dies on the planet.


As a humanoid species they are on a developmental stage that is quite similar to humans. Their only distinguishing feature were their three bronchial tubes. However, a terrorist group of Suliban known as the Cabal wanted to increase their rate of evolution and so experimented in genetically engineering themselves, by acting as tools for a mysterious agent from the future, as a group involved in the Temporal Cold War.

Appearance in Planetes 3rd

Sulibans appear in the final episode of the seventh season and appearing in the eighth and last. In episode 16 of the eighth season a Suliban calling itself "Paul Archer" posed as human became girlfriend of a girl named Kimberly, from school of Josep Maria 15, changing the history: she would never have boyfriend. In the end, Kimberly discovers the truth about the alien, and joins to the Federation Starfleet, serving on board the ship FEF 07. The history is completely changed, and Josep Maria 15 goes to a school that hadn't ever go into the main history. At the end of the series these sulibans, after another attack, surrender and leave the XXI century.

Appearance in SerieStar4

In the last episode of the ninth season Sulibans appear again but in the normal story and in 2063, a day before the first contact, the Suliban ship that changed history kidnap lieutenant Kimberly (Mimi), and her possible ex-boyfriend describe the history and when she is released she explains to Josep Maria 67 about the timeline which the Suliban come. At the end these Sulibans go to another parallel universe and never will return.

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