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Selena Gomez is a Terran of the Mirror Universe. She was the Over-Intendant of the Emperor until the timeline of the Mirror Universe was changed by the FEF officers of the primary universe.

Over-Intendant Selena

Selena Marie Gomez was born on July 22nd, 1992, in the American Sub-Empire (counterpart of the United States), on the Earth. In response to the growing influence of the Eastern Coalition, the American and European Sub-Empires form the "Western Alliance", the largest alliance of the Terran Empire. Then, the Emperor made Selena Gomez Over-Intendant of all territories (mainly the Western Alliance), a higher range of Intendant, which is the right hand of the Emperor.

In 2002, the Emperor of the Terran Empire sent his Over-Intendant, Selena Gomez, forward in time to year 2008 and to the Prime Universe, to Barcelona (Catalonia) where she posed as a current student. And in 2012, Selena was supposed to return to the past (2008) and start a war against the survivors of Teremedó. Then, Yusma joined his planet with Vulcan creating the Teremedovulcan Union, and they began a war against the Terrans and Selena. And Selena allied with a girl named Carol González whom Selena sent to the Main Universe to the spaceship FEF 07 as a spy.

Selena was seeking a good relationship with her double, but after not being able to succeed she hijacked the ship 07 with Carol and wishes to use the ship as a weapon of a war in her world. The Admiral of Earth in the Federation Starfleet, Josep Maria 15 found the same Over-Intendent with fewer years and sees an opportunity: if he erases her memory Selena won't grow and never will exist the Over-Intenden or her entire war that nearly ended with all teremedosians in the mirror universe: a war between Teremedovulcan Union and an Alliance of Terrans (humans) and Klingons. The timeline of mirror universe changed, where Josep Maria 15 gets to know that in altered mirror universe he is famous because there he did the "great achievement", although he has never done anything important there.

Paula Kid-in

In this new timeline, the young version of Selena Gomez who was in primary universe under the false name Paula Kid-in, recovers the memory erased by Main Universe's İhi Kadse about her identity and returns to her world to restore the history. The FEF 07 goes to the mirror universe to chase her and end up in a fight against the rebellion Andrea had formed, and they're now in the Castelldefels (which looks like the Middle Ages with guillotines). Federation Starfleet officers find Sandra López and believe she could save them, but it turns out that Sandra is Andrea's partner. Still, Sandra helps them and betrays Andrea, and it turns out that Selena (young) is also Andrea's partner secretly. Andrea discovers that Sandra wants to betray her and kills her. Then more officers from the Federation Starfleet come and start a shootout, and they escape. And Josep Maria steals the transport ball from Sandra's body in her pocket. But Sandra had altered Andrea's helicopter, and when Andrea prepares to take off to pursue the Federation Starfleet officers (who had escaped), her helicopter crashes into the sea, and the Federation Starfleet officers capture and imprison Selena in Teremedó (main universe). And Andrea was reportedly killed when her sabotaged helicopter crashed into the sea.

Since original Paula wasn't on Earth but in a prison in Bàrcinon, at first the Federation Starfleet officers left on Earth a hologram with her appearance but programmed to change into a different appearance, to avoid people realise that Paula Kid-in was Mirror Universe's Selena's young version. But the hologram became unstable, so some sort of replacement was requested. A Teremedosian orphan girl volunteered to replace Paula Kid-in on Earth and live like a human girl from Barcelona, but without remembering her original life on Teremedó. So the Federation Starfleet officers erased her memory, and now on Earth there's a Teremedosian girl living as Paula Kid-in lived. In 2016, after it's revealed that Andrea is still alive, she goes to Teremedó and kills Selena when she was in prison, to avoid her from revealing anything about her plans. But on Earth, there's still Paula Kid-in, who is actually a Teremedosian orphan girl, and Andrea knows nothing about this girl. Now Paula Kid-in's appearance is quite different than Selena's: she wears glasses and sometimes dyes her hair blonde, but she's still as pretty as Selena.

Amelia "Millie" Granados

Amelia Granados, called Millie by her friends, is a fictional character from the limbo whose physical appearance is based on Paula Kid-in's. Millie comes from Buenos Aires, Argentina, but lives in Barcelona with her parents. Millie appears in the film "Planetes VIII: I'll Redo Your Life" of the Expanded Universe of Planetes, where Alxy Frankz materialises her and Ауlín Ѕеgurа (another imaginary girl with the appearance of a real girl named Саrlа) into the real world. Both girls find the real Josep Maria 26, fall in love with him and kiss him before returning to their imaginary world through the scanners when 0 uses İhi Kadse's limbisation program to send them back to the limbo, because these girls come exactly from 26's imagination. 0 goes to the supercomputer located in 26's former school and discovers that Alxy Frankz and Carla's evil alternative version have been preventing Josep Maria from having new relationships with girls after breaking up with İhi, but they didn't prevent him from getting to make a mind meld with his teacher of Serbian, Ѕаrа Аndrејеvіć. They also replaced the mermaid Alexandra and all her perception filters with real people, extracting the lives of random people. So Alexandra is no longer a mermaid nor is there any risk that she'll die if someone tells her about mermaids. In addition, they made Alexandra come to the real world and change the lives of members of the evangelical church so much. 0 tells 26 that he thinks that the two imaginary girls kissed him to get information from him while he was distracted. And in a transport sphere of the mirror universe, Alxy Frankz confirms 0's suspicions: they'll use the information obtained with the kiss to attack Teremedó. Millie Granados appears also in an adult film attached to the saga but set entirely in Millie's universe.


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