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Rǔgery Amayé Emà, known as Rutitto, is a character from the Expanded Universe of Planetes. Is Teremedosian, as his friend.

Appearance in Planetes Mata 2

He appears only in the second half, but he has little importance because he appears along with Josep Maria, İhi Kadse and 0 when the Earth and other ships different than the FEF 05 are shown.

Appearance in Planetes 3rd

He only appears in the second part. He's a childhood friend of Josep Maria, who joined the Federation Starfleet with Josep Maria 13 in 2008, when they had to fight three times against XANA, and he was possessed by this virus. But they achieved to free him and defeat XANA. Later, in 2010, Josep Maria 14 offers Rutitto turn into SuperXnen to avoid attacks of unknown origin on Teremedó, and Maray was helping him. At the end, Rutitto and Maray achieve to do away with these attacks and decide to live a normal life like couple, and leave the FEF.

Apparition in SerieStar4

He appears in an episode of the season 8, where he was a time out of the FEF until he returned after the World War III, and he no longer appears more.

Altered timeline

In the film Planetes IV: The Energy of the Universe, Rutitto goes back like ensign in the FEF, together with Maray. Later, when the ship FEF 09 was inaugurated in 2015, Rutitto remained in the ship FEF 07 like lieutenant and Maray like ensign, under the command of captain 0, and the rest of the crew moved to the new 09. In the film Planetes VI: Alone in an Ordinary World, Rutitto and Maray die in a Regent Andrea's attack.

Mirror universe

Rutitto in the mirror universe is a Teremedosian who struggled in a war at the side of the Teremedovulcan Union against Regent Andrea. He and Maray escape from Andrea's prison, and they go to Vulcan where they have a daughter, Julay (been born in 2018). He and Maray die in 2064 trying go back to Earth.

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