Ralja Cadero Miolero is the second protagonist of Planetes (first series) and Planetes Mata 2 in Expanded Universe of Planetes. She is a gobolian (from planet Gobola).

Appearance in Planetes (first series)

In Planetes (first series) is the girl that theoretically commands the Ball 04. She is the nearest to Josep Maria 4. She is 12 years in this series, but she looks as a 4 years human. She is the only one who knew that Josep Maria 4 was teremedosian.

Appearance in Planetes Mata 2

She appears only in the first part. She is 13 years in this series, but she looks as a 4/5 years human. In this series she's losing prominence.

Appearance in Planetes 3rd

She appears only the first three episodes. In double episode False Salvation she and Jordi, a human, are the only ones to remain in the Earth while the rest of the spaceship 06 returns to Tekoda Center. She doesn't reappear more.

Appearance in Planetes I: The Motion Picture

In this film we discover that she had been kidnapped by humans because they had discovered that she is an alien. She's released and returns to the ship FEF 07 with Josep Maria 12. He gets very happy to see her and scans Ralja to be part of his group, but ends up being a mistake: she dies and the time reversion can save her.

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