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Pumiky Ros Romero, is a character from the Expanded Universe of Planetes. Is ¾ human and ¼ gobolian, i he's the son of Manuel and Laia.

Appearance in Planetes Mata 2

He appears only in the second half, but has little importance because it appears along with Josep Maria, İhi Kadse and 0 when they appears the Earth and other ships different than the FEF 05.

Appearance in Planetes 3rd

It appears from the second season (his birth) and to the last season. In the first part (season 2) on January 0, 2002, Manuel and Laia, when they were in Tekoda on board the ship FEF 06, have a son: Pumiky. At first he lived with his parents, but when the children escaped of Tekoda and returned to Earth, as they return to past Manuel asked captain Josep Maria 6 to look after his son Pumiky, which measured no more than 4 inches. And so he did, and when Josep Maria recovered the Federation Starfleet Pumiky entered as a pilot of the new ship FEF 07. Later, at age 7 he entered to the FEF Ann, a child who was the daughter of a woman named Lee rejuvenated and a limbo creature (Winx Club) called Duman, which grew from newborn to 10 years old with the machine age. Then Pumiky falls in love with Ann and decides to stay in the FEF 07 with his new girlfriend. Pumiky during Planetes 3rd has the rank of lieutenant commander.

Appearance in SerieStar4

He appears in ship FEF 07 before the events of Planetes 3rd. Then he appears when it shows a possible future where he was part of FEF 09's crew and he died in World War III.

Other data

  • In the mirror universe Pumiky doesn't exist (he wasn't born) because his parents never were in Tekoda. Only his mother is kwown.
  • Pumiky grew from the miniature of gobolian babies (6 cm) but with a human appearance. In his first years (2002-2010) he lived in Josep Maria's home until he became Ann's boyfriend, remaining in the ship FEF 07 with her.
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