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Poster of film 8.

Planetes VIII: I'll Redo Your Life (Planetes VIII: Et refaré la teva vida in Catalan) is a film of the Expanded Universe of Planetes that will be released in 2022, the year that is set. It will be the eighth film based on the Expanded Universe of Planetes.


Since Panda created a new timeline, now anything can happen. Meŀlina was materialised and began a friendship with Josep Maria 25… or more than a friendship. Does this mean that 25's future will be finally happy? Or are there other things that will keep 25 from redoing his life? One day, a portal opens to the past and a version from year 2009 of Fran, Carla's old boyfriend, comes out. Then the timeline changes, and only 25 realises it: after Fran's disappearance, 25 broke up with İhi to date Carla, and XANA wasn't defeated, and now it's much stronger and took control of the Earth. Now 25 and Carla are about to get married and expect a son… But they decide to restore history, since they consider that the original timeline is better. Finally they manage to correct the history, but Carla travels to the past together with Fran… When 25 sees Carla from this different timeline again, apart from having grown up, he discovers that she's now the couple of Alxy Frankz's old version, and that the two of them have been preventing 25 from having new relationships with girls for more than five years! What will 0 think when he sees that his deceased wife has become evil, considering that he only wishes to find a mother for Franny?

All this is situated after the seventh film of Planetes.

List of characters

Character Planet
Josep Maria 25/26 Teremedó
0 Teremedó
Carla Earth
Meŀlina Earth
Franny ½ Teremedó
½ Earth
Panda Time Lord
Alxy Frankz Teremedó

Titles in other languages

  • Catalan (original): Et refaré la teva vida
  • M2: Ṭe reḟaré la ṭewa vida
  • Bosnian: Izgradit ću tvoj život ponovo
  • Bulgarian: Ще преправя живота ти
  • Croatian: Izgradit ću tvoj život ponovno
  • French: Je te referai ta vie
  • Galician: Refareiche a túa vida
  • Italian: Ti rifarò la tua vita
  • Macedonian: Ќе го преправам твојот живот
  • Moldovan: О сэ-ць рефак вяца
  • Occitan: Te refarai la tiá vida
  • Portuguese (Portugal): Refar-te-ei a tua vida
  • Portuguese (Brazil): Eu Refarei Sua Vida
  • Romanian: O să-ţi refac viaţa
  • Russian: Я переделаю твою жизнь
  • Serbian: Изградићу твој живот поново / Izgradiću tvoj život ponovo
  • Spanish: Te reharé tu vida
  • Valencian: Te refaré la tua vida


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