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Planetes VI: Alone in an Ordinary World (Planetes VI: Sol en un món normal in Catalan) is a film of the Expanded Universe of Planetes released in 2018, the year that is set. It's the sixth film based on the Expanded Universe of Planetes.


The ship FEF 09 has disappeared. Later, Vulcan, Gobola and all the Talos system are destroyed by the new enemy of the film, which has teamed up with Andrea and manage to overthrow the Federation Starfleet. Without the FEF, Josep Maria 22/23 only has as support the ship FEF 07 under the command of Captain 0, twin brother of the former admiral of the Earth. But without the protection of friends who they had, former Federation Starfleet officers are in a dead end, and and they have to prevent Andrea and her new partner from activating a machine that will destroy Teremedó. Also, enemies will ally with the Teremedosian enemy of Josep Maria 22/23, Alxy Frankz, who will help Andrea even though his own planet will be destroyed. Can they save Teremedó, the only planet that is on the side of Admiral Josep Maria 22/23?

All this is situated after the fifth film of Planetes.

List of characters

Character Planet Rank
Josep Maria 22/23 Teremedó Admiral
0 Teremedó Captain
Carla Earth Commander
Rutitto Teremedó Lieutenant
Robert Time Lord No rank
Sandra López Earth No rank
Regent Andrea Mirror Universe, Earth No rank (antagonist)
Alxy Frankz Teremedó No rank (antagonist)

Titles in other languages

  • Catalan (original): Sol en un món normal
  • M2: Sol n’1 môn nzrmal
  • Bosnian: Sam u običnom svijetu
  • Bulgarian: Сам в обичен свят
  • Croatian: Sam u običnom svijetu
  • French: Seul dans un monde normal
  • Galician: Só nun mundo normal
  • Italian: Solo in un mondo normale
  • Macedonian: Сам во обичен свет
  • Moldovan: Сингур ынтр-о луме обишнуитэ
  • Occitan: Sol dins un mond normal
  • Portuguese (Portugal): Sozinho num mundo normal
  • Portuguese (Brazil): Sozinho Em Um Mundo Normal
  • Romanian: Singur într-o lume obişnuită
  • Russian: Один в обычном мире
  • Serbian: Сам у обичном свету / Sam u običnom svetu
  • Spanish: Solo en un mundo normal
  • Valencian: Sol en un món normal


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