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Planetes V: Your name on Earth (Planetes V: El teu nom a la Terra in Catalan) is a film of the Expanded Universe of Planetes released in 2016, the year that is set. It's the fifth film based on the Expanded Universe of Planetes.


Continuing to the fourth film, the war between Erika's species and the Golden Creation has finished. Ann and Pumiky have had a wedding and are married. But Josep Maria 20 and the crew of the ships FEF 09 and FEF 07 now have to prevent the Golden Creation, in the form of a girl named Kirannis, from trying to conquer the Earth and enslave it. Besides, there are other problems, such as Alexandra who can't remember her origins or will die, or the perception filters that change people's minds (especially Lorena's).

The film is about the double identities that the officers Federation Starfleet, the Golden Creation and Alexandra maintain, and about their lifes. Besides, they must get Lauryn McClain, her sister China and Kimberly to recover their memories erased by the Golden Creation or they'll disappear and will no longer exist. İhi finishes her relation with her boyfriend, because she loses her memory about the Federation Starfleet and remains on Earth like a normal girl. Then Josep Maria 20 wants something more with Lauryn. And during this film, Josep Maria 20 is in love with Alexandra. The Federation Starfleet tries to contact the time traveller Nayelis, who is more important than Dany, and is the granddaughter of a friend from Josep Maria's church named Melvin. They also discover that Regent Andrea from the Mirror Universe didn't die and is looking for revenge, so she enrolled at 20's university replacing Prime Universe's Andrea to fulfil her revenge. And besides that, it seems that Josep Maria 20 is changing, and it isn't known if all this is influenced by the Golden Creation…

All this is situated after the fourth film of Planetes.

List of characters

Character Planet Rank
Josep Maria 20/21 Teremedó Admiral
İhi Kadse Teremedó Captain
0 Teremedó Captain
Carla Earth Commander
Pumiky Earth Lieutenant Commander
Ann ½ Earth
½ Changeling of limbo
Lieutenant Commander
Lina Earth Commander
Rutitto Teremedó Lieutenant
Alexandra Mermaid from the limbo No rank
Kirannis Golden Creation No rank
Lorena Earth No rank
Lauryn McClain Earth No rank
Lyla Mermaid from the limbo Ensign

Titles in other languages

  • Catalan (original): El teu nom a la Terra
  • M2: Le ṭeu nom nela Ṭerra
  • Bosnian: Tvoje ime na Zemlji
  • Bulgarian: Твоето име на Земята
  • Croatian: Tvoje ime na Zemlji
  • French: Ton nom sur la Terre
  • Galician: O teu nome na Terra
  • Italian: Il tuo nome sulla Terra
  • Macedonian: Твоето име на Земјата
  • Moldovan: Нумеле тэу де пе Пэмынт
  • Occitan: Lo tieu nom sus la Tèrra
  • Portuguese (Portugal): O teu nome na Terra
  • Portuguese (Brazil): Seu Nome na Terra
  • Romanian: Numele tău de pe Pământ
  • Russian: Твоё имя на Земле
  • Serbian: Твоје име на Земљи / Tvoje ime na Zemlji
  • Spanish: Tu nombre en la Tierra
  • Valencian: El teu nom en la Terra


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