Planetes IX: I Want to Forget You but I Can't (Planetes IX: Vull oblidar-te però no puc in Catalan) is a film of the Expanded Universe of Planetes that will be released in 2024, the year that is set. It will be the ninth film based on the Expanded Universe of Planetes.


After Alxy Frankz's defeat, Josep Maria created a simulation in a holodeck and made 0 believe that he'd start a new life with Carla from Earth, a version of 0's wife who was still living Carla's normal life on Earth without knowing anything about the Federation Starfleet, but in reality this Carla who would live with 0 was a hologram. 0 and Franny will live this illusion, while 27 will live alone in the real world without being able to enter, since if he enters, 0 will discover the deception. Therefore, 27 can't see his brother or his nephew again. Shortly after, the TARDIS appears on a street near 27's home. Panda tells 27 to come with him to make a trip, and reveals that he's a version before his death. That's to say, for him Alxy Frankz's attack to Teremedó where Alxy Frankz and Panda die hasn't yet happened, so he asks 27 not to tell him anything more about his own future. In the TARDIS 27 meets Alara, a Xelayan girl who has been travelling with Panda for four years together. Panda says that they'll go to Xelaya, Alara's home planet. But Alara is from the 25th century, and Panda takes the TARDIS to Xelaya from the 21st century (without changing the era). After an adventure on Xelaya, they return to the TARDIS. Inside the TARDIS, Panda proposes Alara to make a strong mind meld with 27, since there exists a myth: a very strong mind meld can give off a spectacular energy. 27 and Alara decide to make the strong mind meld and, while sharing a unique experience, an energy similar to that of a regeneration emerges from them. 27 returns home, and Alara tells Panda that she also wants to go home. Panda accepts and takes the TARDIS to 25th century Xelaya, and in Alara's room, she begins to remember the strong mind meld with 27 and says: "I think that I've fallen in love, but as always, I'm never lucky in love, since this is an impossible love…". At home, 27 also remembers the strong mind meld and begins to fall in love with the Xelayan girl he has met: they've fallen in love with each other. At the end of the year 2022, the 07 is absorbed by a vortex that leads to the limbo, and Pulá officers don't know if 0 and Franny are alive or dead. When 27 receives the opportunity to go to the limbo and save them, he says that they're part of his past and prefers to go looking for Alara in the 25th century, therefore he'll never see his brother or his nephew any more. That's to say, 27 tries to forget them and think only about Alara…

All this is situated after the eighth film of Planetes.

List of characters

Character Planet
Josep Maria 27/28 Teremedó
Alara Xelaya
Panda Time Lord
Josep Maria's parents Teremedó
Solana ½ Teremedó
½ Xelaya
Elisenda ½ Teremedó
½ Xelaya
Capa Aндpejeвиħ
Ѕаrа Аndrејеvіć

Titles in other languages

  • Catalan (original): Vull oblidar-te però no puc
  • M2: Vuy zblidar-ṭa pěrz̽ nw puk
  • Bosnian: Želim te zaboraviti ali ne mogu
  • Bulgarian: Искам да те забравя но не мога
  • Croatian: Želim te zaboraviti ali ne mogu
  • French: Je veux ťoublier mais je ne peux pas
  • Galician: Quero esquecerte pero non podo
  • Italian: Voglio dimenticarti ma non posso
  • Macedonian: Сакам да те заборавам но не можам
  • Moldovan: Вряу сэ те уйт дар ну пот
  • Occitan: Vòli te desbrembar mas pòdi pas
  • Portuguese (Portugal): Quero esquecer-te mas não posso
  • Portuguese (Brazil): Eu quero esquecer você mas eu não posso
  • Romanian: Vreau să te uit dar nu pot
  • Russian: Я хочу забыть тебя, но я не могу
  • Serbian: Желим да те заборавим али не могу / Želim da te zaboravim ali ne mogu
  • Spanish: Quiero olvidarte pero no puedo
  • Valencian: Vullc oblidar-te pero no puc


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