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Planetes IV: The Energy of the Universe (Planetes IV: Ľenergia de ľunivers in Catalan) is a film of the Expanded Universe of Planetes released in 2014, the year that is set. It's the fourth film based on the Expanded Universe of Planetes.


Continuing to the third film, Josep Maria 18 and the crew of the ship FEF 07 have to face a more dangerous threat than anything they've seen before. Erika's species is actually a very important species for the universe, since they've created all the existing energy. But some unknown entities have exterminated all her species, leaving only two girls: Erika and another girl, named Velika (Велика). This last girl is somewhere at the south-east of Europe, but Josep Maria 18 only saw her by chance in an excursion he did with his father, and the Federation Starfleet lost her trace.

The entities willing to destroy Erika and Velika (Велика) to exterminate their species are unknown, but Josep Maria 18 discovers that a lifeform that shouldn't exist is the one who can exterminate the species. This lifeform is the Golden Creation, that at present takes form of a girl of his age who goes to his church, named Kirannis. But she doesn't know anything about her powers, so there are some entities behind her that are those who handle it everything. The Federation Starfleet wants to be neutral to this clash, but they'll be forced to collaborate when there's no other choice. Besides, the entities who are controlling the Golden Creation can make perception filters, that are people or elements that in reality don't exist but everybody sees them and thinks they're real. The unknown entities use these filters to deceive the officers of the Federation Starfleet, and especially Josep Maria 18.

To help them in this dead end, new people will help the officers of the Federation Starfleet: the McClain sisters (China, Lauryn and Sierra), and a friend from Josep Maria 18's church: Lorena. Besides, Lina and Rutitto are back to help their ancient friends. Also they discover that another friend from Josep Maria 18's church, Melvin, has a granddaughter who will be a time traveller more important than Dany. İhi creates new inventions to be able to understand this war and resolve all the enigmas. But Erika doesn't know that Velika (Велика) is alive and thinks she's the last, and doesn't want to believe what Josep Maria 18 is saying. Therefore, the most important doubt they have is: will the Golden Creation and all those that are behind her achieve to exterminate the last two of Erika's species, or will Erika discover that she isn't the last and will both of them gather strengths?

All this is situated after the third film of Planetes.

List of characters

Character Planet Rank
Josep Maria 18/19 Teremedó Admiral
İhi Kadse Teremedó Captain
0 Teremedó Commander
Carla Earth Lieutenant Commander
Pumiky Earth Lieutenant Commander
Ann ½ Earth
½ Changeling of limbo
Kimberly Earth Ensign
Lina Earth Commander
Rutitto Teremedó Ensign
Erika (Jé Séniah) Unknown No rank
Kirannis Golden Creation No rank
Velika (Велика) Unknown No rank
Lorena Earth No rank
Lauryn McClain Earth No rank

Gallery of new characters

Titles in other languages

  • Catalan (original): Ľenergia de ľunivers
  • M2: Ľener§ìa da ľunivers
  • Bosnian: Energija univerzuma
  • Bulgarian: Енергията на Вселената
  • Croatian: Energija svemira
  • French: Ľénergie de ľunivers
  • Galician: A enerxía do universo
  • Italian: Ľenergia delľuniverso
  • Macedonian: Енергијата на универзумот
  • Moldovan: Енерӂия универсулуй
  • Occitan: Ľenergia de ľunivèrs
  • Portuguese (Portugal): A energia do universo
  • Portuguese (Brazil): A Energia do Universo
  • Romanian: Energia universului
  • Russian: Энергия вселенной
  • Serbian: Енергија универзума / Energija univerzuma
  • Spanish: La energía del universo
  • Valencian: Ľenergia de ľunivers


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