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Poster of film 2.

Planetes II: The Creator of the Show (Planetes II: El director del muntatge in Catalan) is a film of the Expanded Universe of Planetes released in 2010, the year that is set. It was the second film based on the Expanded Universe of Planetes.


Josep Maria 14 lost in the limbo a girl named Винкс-Melins. Ten years later, in 2020, Josep Maria 24 is leading a life quite unpleasant: he and İhi broke off, the Federation Starfleet no longer exists now and he's even chased by the police. He has created many enemies as Joanic, his sister Meŀlina, his wife Sara… He has only one useful object: a camera. The camera that records the past, present and future of his adventures. Then he realises that he has a chance: to change the past.

He goes to Teremedó, where he's rejected too, and takes a shuttle (the only ship with which he can go into space) with the time machine coupled to the camera which takes him until 2010, where he takes with him his 14-year-old double, Meŀlina (Винкс-Melins's replika) and Ann (in order to help them) to his future, 2020. But not all this is bad enough: he must face a Romulan, a Klingon and Josep Maria's worst enemy: Alxy Frankz.

List of characters

Character Planet Rank
Josep Maria 14, 24, 25 Teremedó Admiral
İhi Kadse Teremedó Captain
0 Teremedó Commander
Carla Earth Lieutenant Commander
Pumiky Earth Lieutenant Commander
Ann ½ Earth
½ Changeling of limbo
Marta (copy) Alternate copy, Earth Ensign
Meŀlina Earth No rank
Joanic Earth No rank
Sara Earth No rank
Tulak Romulus Antagonists
Captain klingon Kronos
Alxy Frankz Teremedó

Titles in other languages

  • Catalan (original): El director del muntatge
  • M2: Le direkṭó lad mzntaḣa
  • Bosnian: Tvorac montaže
  • Bulgarian: Създателят на монтажа
  • Croatian: Stvoritelj montaže
  • French: Le directeur du montage
  • Galician: O creador da montaxe
  • Italian: Il creatore del montaggio
  • Macedonian: Создавачот на монтажата
  • Moldovan: Креаторул монтажулуй
  • Occitan: Lo director del montatge
  • Portuguese (Portugal): O criador da montagem
  • Portuguese (Brazil): O Criador da Montagem
  • Romanian: Creatorul montajului
  • Russian: Создатель скрининга
  • Serbian: Творац монтаже / Tvorac montaže
  • Spanish: El creador del montaje
  • Valencian: El creador del montage


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