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Planetes I: The Motion Picture (Planetes I: La peŀlícula in Catalan) is a film of the Expanded Universe of Planetes released in 2008, the year that is set. It was the first film based on the Expanded Universe of Planetes.


In the mirror universe, the bursiferian Zuck (died in our world) and the Terran Mader (ifnilian in our world, died as well) have teamed and have two klingons from them: Zirtuk and Kalah. They have discovered that there is a universe parallel to theirs, our universe, and come with a portal to the Earth to destroy the humans.

Also is discovered that Ralja, an old friend of Josep Maria 12 who were with him in Tekoda and missed on Earth, had been kidnapped by humans because they had discovered that she is an alien. She's released and she returns to the ship FEF 07 with Josep Maria 12, İhi Kadse and 0. He gets very happy to see her and scans Ralja to be part of his group. Then appear the four mirror universe's allies, who are preparing to attack Earth. The 07 are facing and then to help them, 12 contact Lia, Laia and the Manuel's hologram, and they meet again in the new ship of the Federation Starfleet to prevent the four allies destroy the Earth.

All this is set after the events that come in season 3 of SerieStar4 and just before the events of the second part of Planetes 3rd.

List of characters

Character Planet Rank
Josep Maria 12 Teremedó Admiral
İhi Kadse Teremedó Captain
0 Teremedó Commander
Pumiky Earth Lieutenant Commander
Laia Earth Commander
Lia Earth Lieutenant Commander
Copy of Manuel Hologram, Earth No rank, assistant
Zirtuk Mirror universe, Kronos No rank
Zuck (alternative) Mirror universe, Búr’sw
Kalah Mirror universe, Kronos
Mader (alternative) Mirror universe, Earth

Titles in other languages

  • Catalan (original): La peŀlícula
  • M2: La pellîkula
  • Bosnian: Igrani film
  • Bulgarian: Филмът
  • Croatian: Igrani film
  • French: Le film
  • Galician: A película
  • Italian: La pellicola
  • Macedonian: Филмот
  • Moldovan: Филмул
  • Occitan: La pellicula
  • Portuguese (Portugal): O filme
  • Portuguese (Brazil): O Filme
  • Romanian: Filmul
  • Russian: Кинофильм
  • Serbian: Играни филм / Igrani film
  • Spanish: La película
  • Valencian: La película


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