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This wiki includes Japanese Anime Planetes and his expanded universe created by Dýmapko (M2).

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Characters of Planetes
Series Main characters of the series
Planetes (Anime) Hachirota "Hachimaki" HoshinoAi TanabeFee CarmichaelYuri MihairokohClaire Rondo
Planetes (first series) Josep Maria 4RaljaLaiaDiegoMore childrenBursiferians
Planetes Mata 2 Josep Maria #RaljaManuelLaiaDiegoMore childrenBursiferians
Planetes 3rd Josep Maria #LinaManuelLaiaLiaPadokMore childrenBursiferiansİhi Kadse0PumikyCarlaAnnRutittoMartaKimberly
SerieStar4 GrokaPadokMore crewJosep Maria #İhi Kadse0PumikyCarlaAnnLaiaKimberly (Mimi)Dany
Films MeŀlinaErikaGolden CreationLorenaLaurynAlexandraSandraAndreaAlxy Frankz

Places and Species of Planetes
FEF: Earth (humans) • MoonMarsGobola (Gobolians)Teremedó (Teremedosians)Vulcan (Vulcans)Talos system (Nimbeans and Mirians)
Others: Kronos (Klingons)Sulibans (time travelers)Tekoda CenterPegasus (Pegasians)Dominiom (twilight zone)Milky WayMirror universe

Spaceships of Planetes
Ball 04FEF 05FEF 06FEF 07FEF 08FEF Dortox 00FEF 09
Films of Planetes
Planetes IPlanetes IIPlanetes IIIPlanetes IVPlanetes V


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