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Padok is a character in Expanded Universe of Planetes. He is a vulcan.

Appearance in Planetes Mata 2

He appears only in the second half, but has little importance because it appears along with Josep Maria, İhi Kadse and 0 when they appears the Earth and other ships different than the FEF 05.

Appearance in Planetes 3rd

He appears only in the first part. He is 12 years old in this series, but she looks as a 6 years human. Appears in episode 10 of the first season (The Vulcans), who he joins to the crew of the 06. He has the rank of lieutenant. He aren't much time with them because before they escaped he back to Vulcan.

Appearance in SerieStar4

After he return to Vulcan, a nimbean ship visit this planet, and Padok joins the crew of this ship. After returning to Earth they rediscover the Federation Starfleet. Many years later, Vulcan joins the FEF and he is promoted to admiral of Vulcan and bring a new ship, the FEF 10 (or FEF 0Ɛ).


Padok while serving in the ship FEF 08, has a son with Margareeda (of a race of telepaths) called George, and decided to call him with a human name with the purpose of don't name to the world of the father or mother. But, towards the middle century, Padok decides to leave the FEF preferring to study pure logic in Vulcan.

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