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Раulа Kid-in / Міllіе Grаnаdоѕ

Paula Kid-in

Paula Kid-in is a character from the Expanded Universe of Planetes. Paula's identity doesn't really exist: she initially was Selena Gomez from the past and from the Mirror Universe, whom the Emperor of the Terran Empire sent forward in time in 2008 and to the Prime Universe, to Barcelona (Catalonia), where she posed as a normal student. And in 2012, Selena was supposed to return to the past and start a war against the Teremedosian survivors, allied with planet Vulcan in the Teremedovulcan Union. When Prime Universe's Josep Maria, Admiral of Earth in the Federation Starfleet, erased Paula's memory to change Selena's history and preventing her entire war in the mirror universe from existing, the officers of the ship FEF 07 had to face Regent Andrea in this new timeline of the mirror universe. Paula Kid-in recovered her memory erased by Prime Universe's İhi Kadse, but Federation Starfleet officers managed to arrest and imprison Paula on Teremedó, and believed that they defeated Andrea when she was reportedly killed when her sabotaged helicopter crashed into the sea. Since Paula wasn't on Earth but in a prison in Bàrcinon, at first the Federation Starfleet officers left on Earth a hologram with her appearance but programmed to change into a different appearance, to avoid people realise that Paula Kid-in was Mirror Universe's Selena's young version. But the hologram became unstable, so some sort of replacement was requested. A Teremedosian orphan girl volunteered to replace Paula Kid-in on Earth and live like a human girl from Barcelona, ​​but without remembering her original life on Teremedo. So the Federation Starfleet officers erased her memory, and now on Earth there's a Teremedosian girl living as Paula Kid-in lived. And Andrea doesn't know that this Paula Kid-in is actually a Teremedosian orphan girl. Now her appearance is quite different than Selena's: she wears glasses and sometimes dyes her hair blonde, but she's still as pretty as Selena.

Amelia "Millie" Granados

‘Millie Granados’.

Amelia Granados, called Millie by her friends, is a fictional character from the limbo whose physical appearance is based on Paula Kid-in's. Millie comes from Buenos Aires, Argentina, but lives in Barcelona with her parents. Millie appears in the film "Planetes VIII: I'll Redo Your Life" of the Expanded Universe of Planetes, where Alxy Frankz materialises her and Ауlín Ѕеgurа (another imaginary girl with the appearance of a real girl named Саrlа) into the real world. Both girls find the real Josep Maria 26, fall in love with him and kiss him before returning to their imaginary world through the scanners when 0 uses İhi Kadse's limbisation program to send them back to the limbo, because these girls come exactly from 26's imagination. 0 goes to the supercomputer located in 26's former school and discovers that Alxy Frankz and Carla's evil alternative version have been preventing Josep Maria from having new relationships with girls after breaking up with İhi, but they didn't prevent him from getting to make a mind meld with his teacher of Serbian, Ѕаrа Аndrејеvіć. They also replaced the mermaid Alexandra and all her perception filters with real people, extracting the lives of random people. So Alexandra is no longer a mermaid nor is there any risk that she'll die if someone tells her about mermaids. In addition, they made Alexandra come to the real world and change the lives of members of the evangelical church so much. 0 tells 26 that he thinks that the two imaginary girls kissed him to get information from him while he was distracted. And in a transport sphere of the mirror universe, Alxy Frankz confirms 0's suspicions: they'll use the information obtained with the kiss to attack Teremedó. Millie Granados appears also in an adult film attached to the saga but set entirely in Millie's universe.

Κаrlа Мοrán

Κаrlа Мοrán is the most beautiful girl on Earth (but the most beautiful girl in the universe is Alara, an extraterrestrial girl who comes from planet Xelaya). As mentioned in the film "Planetes VI: Alone in an Ordinary World", Κаrlа Мοrán is a former classmate of Josep Maria's school when they were 11, studying together with all the children who were trapped in Tekoda by the Bursiferians seven years before. But she only studied in that school in the last year these children studied together.

The last episode of SerieStar4 named "The End" states that in an alternative universe visited by the time-traveller Νауеlі Еnсаrnасіόn Gаrсíа, Κаrlа Мοrán and Josep Maria are dating. This was Κаrlа Мοrán's first appearance in the production chronology of Planetes and its spin-offs.

Her version from the Mirror Universe appears in the third episode of the fourth season of Special Sisters (the episode 27) named "Just Because" where it's revealed that she was part of Yusma's army of girls and after his death, she's now under the command of Mirror Universe's Mila and Mirror Universe's Lorena. In order to stop Regent Andrea and Jordi Alejos García, Mila travels to the Prime Universe together with Κаrlа, Lorena and two more girls named Mariam and Marta, the latter being the one who has the most hatred against Andrea, since Andrea killed the girl she loved, Clàudia Kacely, but Clàudia was Andrea's couple, so this love was impossible. However, Marta is a traitor and was lying, because in fact she's secretly working on Andrea's side. When Mila sends Κаrlа and Mariam to Andrea's house to investigate following Marta's deceitful idea, Andrea quickly kill both girls right after arriving at her house. Andrea contacts the ship FEF 07 on screen, shows them the dead bodies of Mariam and Κаrlа, and says she'll leave them in a place outside her house's protection in case the ship's officers want to beam them on board. The bodies are finally buried in space.

In the film "Planetes VII: The End of a Future", 24 locks himself in a holodeck of the ship 07 and activates a hologram in Κаrlа Мοrán's form, who performs a mind meld on 24 and then they kiss. There's no background, the yellow background of the holodeck is seen. Suddenly, Mirror Universe's Lorena appears and tells 24 and 0 that the culprit in the destruction of the Mirror Universe has been Alxy Frankz, and that she's the last one alive who comes from that universe. She informs the ship's officers that she'll go to another planet that she can't tell them and she'll "disappear" forever. Later in the same film, Κаrlа Мοrán is mentioned when Panda explains that, before his first regeneration and before becoming a Time Lord, while he was in Bàrcinon because the police were chasing him, he went twice to the holodeck of this city. The first recreation was about Andrea, and the second recreation was about Κаrlа Мοrán and Ѕаndrа Lóреz. Κаrlа Мοrán appears for the last time in the film "Planetes VIII: I'll Redo Your Life": after seeing that his brother 0 is suffering a lot after Alxy Frankz's defeat, 26 prepares a plan: he wants to find a way to put somehow the whole ship 07 with 0 and Franny on board indefinitely inside a big holodeck on planet Teremedó and make them believe that simulation is reality. To test if people can believe they're part of the simulation, 26 applies this process on himself and runs the same holoprogram Panda enjoyed in the other timeline before beginning his time travels. Κаrlа Мοrán doesn't appear any more.


Patrícia is the only girl whom Josep Maria can kiss without problems, since they kissed and performed mind melds several times when they meet, although they never dated as a couple. She was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome.

Synthetic girls

Each synth on Earth has a target, for example Мírіаm's target is Josep Maria so due to the coronavirus pandemic caused by a synthetic virus created by her, Josep Maria has difficulties in pursuing his hobbies. Other targets are Panda (by Ѕаrа Аndrејеvіć's friend), Josep Maria's schoolmate Ѕаrа (by her fake synthetic sister), İhi Kadse (by a singer nicknamed 'Lоlа Índіgо') and the whole humanity (by Мírіаm Ѕааvеdrа). İhi was previously targeted by another synth (Мírіаm Vаllејо) but Torchwood deactivated her (and plans to deactivate Josep Maria's Мírіаm too) as a result of Panda's incursion.

Еlіѕеndа & Ѕоlаnа

Еlіѕеndа and Ѕоlаnа will be the future daughters of Josep Maria and Alara after they get married. Еlіѕеndа will be their first daughter, and Ѕоlаnа will be the second. Thanks to a Time Lord named Sergi, Ѕоlаnа travelled to the past and started to live in the first half of the 21st century to explore her father's life when he was young and still hadn't met Alara.

Lаurа Неrnándеz

Main article: User:Josep Maria Roca Peña/Laura

Laura Hernández is a gipsy girl whom Josep Maria met through Sandra's gipsy friend named Lorena. Laura mind-melded with Josep Maria 25 on the 20th of November 2020 when both girls started a friendship with Josep Maria while he turned away from Sandra. Laura agreed to proceed with their first mind meld on the 20th of November 2020 in one of their encounters because of their growing friendship, being the first of the gypsies who mind-melded him in those days. 25's mind melds with Lаurа Неrnándеz made Lorena perform a mind meld on him on the 23rd of November 2020 while she was drunk, since they'd never performed mind melds before. And a third girl named Alba also initiated a mind meld with the Teremedosian boy "under Lorena's order" and because she was also drunk. Josep Maria and Laura ended their friendship in December 2020 because he saw that the gipsy girl was just playing tricks on him: Laura just wanted to get money from him by deceiving him: Laura stole him € 150 by promising to kiss him on the lips (they agreed to kiss without tongue), but she neither kept her end of the deal nor does she want to pay him back. And the three gypsies turned on Josep Maria, even if he's only angry at Laura since the gipsy liar isn't willing to solve this issue fairly (performing the promised sexual service or paying him back).



Flоrа Fеrnándеz Саlvо

Flora is one of the "Winx of the Earth" and so far the girl with whom Josep Maria has performed the shortest mind meld (it lasted less than a second).

Ѕаrа (schoolmate)

A student from Josep Maria's school but a year younger. When Josep Maria was 14, he got a little crush on her, but she was dating Meŀlina's older brother (Josep Maria's childhood enemy within his life as a human), who didn't live in her neighbourhood but in Josep Maria's. Since Ѕаrа didn't reciprocated Josep Maria's feelings, she got angry with him, so they couldn't be even friends. So Ѕаrа became Josep Maria's enemy, just like her boyfriend. When Meŀlina was lost in the limbo and therefore was replaced by a polymorphic spectre, she misunderstood something and got also angry with him (Josep Maria's version from the year 2020 told it to his own version from the year 2010 in the film Planetes II: The Creator of the Show. In the film Planetes VII: The End of a Future, in an alternative timeline where 0 and Sandra died, Josep Maria 24 took the mobile holoemitter which projected Ѕаndrа's holographic duplicate, so the fake dead body disappeared since it was a hologram. 24 used this mobile holoemitter to become invisible, saw Ѕаrа and grabbed her mobile phone, taking the advantage of the invisibility provided by the mobile holoemitter. Ѕаrа tried to react, but 24 left Ѕаrа unconscious with a phaser he was carrying, without anyone seeing him. 24 arrived at the school Asunción where the supercomputer is located, opened the doors with the phaser and went quickly to the toilet where the supercomputer is located. He turned it on and began to programme a return to the past, while he heard the police who were looking for him. But before he finished programming the time reversion, he tried to turn on Ѕаrа's mobile phone, but it had a password. However, with a tricorder he was also carrying, 24 was able to turn it on and phoned himself, since he wanted to know Ѕаrа's number. Once 24 registered Ѕаrа's number on his own mobile phone, he scanned his phone to keep her number on his contact list after the return to the past, and then prepared the return to the past. When everything was ready, the police found 24, but he activated the program quickly, and the return to the past covered the whole Earth. Back home after the time reversion, 24 looked at his mobile phone and became happy to see that he still had Ѕаrа's number. After Panda's changes in the timeline preventing 0 and Ѕаndrа from dying, Panda told 24 not to use advanced technology to get Ѕаrа's number, saying: "That's how everything began, and I don't need to tell you how it ended…". Ѕаrа doesn't appear any more, especially because she moved to the Basque Country to live with a boy, but 24 discovered that her younger sister is one of the synthetic girls Alxy Frankz created and sent to Earth where they mingled with the humans and everybody started to believe that these girls have always belonged to this place and time. Like other ginoids who are living amongst humans, people think that that synth has always been Ѕаrа's younger sister, but she arrived on Earth when she was already a teenager. That's because Ѕаrа broke up with Meŀlina's older brother and Josep Maria's enemy, so Alxy Frankz contacted him after his breakup with Ѕаrа and offered him a way to win her back by creating a synthetic girl and sending her to Ѕаrа's family where this synth would pose as Ѕаrа's younger sister. It isn't known what Alxy Frankz asked him in exchange, but for sure, it was nothing good.

Rоѕmеrіѕ Ѕеgurа

A girl from the same Evangelical church as Lorena and Alexandra, being cousin of this last one. When Josep Maria fell in love with Alexandra due to a mermaid link, he wanted to hide his crush on Alexandra from everybody and decided to use İhi Kadse's method of pretending to be in love with a different girl he isn't really in love with, to mislead them and make them no longer think he's in love with Alexandra. That's why he started telling everybody in the church except Melvin that he had feelings for another girl. At first Josep Maria 20 showed a photo with Sandra and told them he's in love with this girl, but he said that the girl's name was 'Lyla Schaeffer' (taking her first name from Alexandra's mermaid biological cousin Lyla and her last name from 'Aelita Schaeffer', a fictional character from a French animated TV series named Code Lyoko). However, the members of the church still believed that Josep Maria fell in love with Alexandra too. So he realised that he must choose a girl from the church instead, so he chose Rоѕmеrіѕ since she was ugly for him. But the unexpected happened: Josep Maria 20 truly fell in love with Rоѕmеrіѕ too. That's why he decided to leave the church, since even his crush on Rоѕmеrіѕ became (and is still) bigger than his crush on Alexandra.

Ауlín Ѕеgurа

In the real world, there was a student from Josep Maria's school but a year younger named Саrlа, who was Ѕаrа's best friend since they were in the same classroom. In the mirror universe, this Саrlа was one of Andrea's partners who died when Andrea poisoned a few girls from the school 'The Demons of the Hell' before she destroyed the entire school. In a fictional universe in the limbo, based on Josep Maria's imagination, Ауlín is a fictional girl based on Саrlа's physical appearance but a member of Lorena and Alexandra's Evangelical church, being Rоѕmеrіѕ's first cousin and Alexandra's second cousin. In this universe Ауlín is ¾ Andalusian (from Cádiz) and ¼ Afro-American (since Rоѕmеrіѕ and Ауlín's grandfather came from Dominican Republic). She also studied in the same school as her counterpart from the real world, and also was Ѕаrа's classmate and friend. But Саrlа's currently best friend named Аlbа, who studied also in the same classroom as Саrlа and Ѕаrа, in the fictional universe is named Саrlа, since in this universe Саrlа is named Ауlín. In this imaginary universe, Ауlín and fictional Josep Maria are close friends, even they do a mind meld as their personal greeting: Ауlín sees Josep Maria as a little brother and she performs this greeting with all the members of her family, that's why she decided to perform it also with him). Fictional Rоѕmеrіѕ from this universe reciprocated Josep Maria's feelings but got angry with both Josep Maria and Ауlín when she believed that her cousin Ауlín may also have reciprocated Josep Maria's feelings but secretly when Josep Maria and Ауlín kissed on the lips in a ceremony of their church and then they were dancing and mind-melding in front of Rоѕmеrіѕ for a while on Rоѕmеrіѕ's birthday at Ауlín's house. However, for Ауlín it was just an act of friendship and even fraternity, since as Alexandra used to say, "Ауlín has friendzoned Josep Maria".

Ѕhеуlа Моѕquеrа

An Ecuadorian friend of Josep Maria's who studied the Baccalaureate with him in the same classroom. She's part of another Evangelical church but her behaviour is like a typical and modern young girl. They love talking about gossips, especially about Josep Maria's life. Her counterpart in the fictional world of Josep Maria's imagination is the same: in this universe located in the limbo, Josep Maria sent to Ѕhеуlа a photo with Ауlín sleeping pacefully on his leg at Ауlín's house at 6 in the morning. While Ѕhеуlа studied with Josep Maria, she and another girl were 'Sequoias' controlled by Erika, until they were released thanks to the Golden Creation's powers. After finishing the Baccalaureate, Josep Maria already wanted to perform a mind meld with her (she and Marta were the first ones to be asked for it), but he couldn't get it. Ѕhеуlа started a relationship with a boy she's still dating in the present and they currently live together in Molins de Rei. In 2015 their friendship ended when Ѕhеуlа misinterpreted Josep Maria's request to perform a mind meld. Five years later, Josep Maria and Ѕhеуlа gradually resumed their friendship, and 25 explained his current situation with Ѕаrа Аndrејеvіć, so she's since then the one who knows the most about Josep Maria's issue with Ѕаrа. At that meeting, 25 asked her again to initiate a mind meld with her again, but Ѕhеуlа continued to misinterpret it, thinking that what he wanted was to take a photo while performing a mind meld instead of simply performing it. 25 spent three months wanting to see her in person, until the 11th of December 2020 when they arranged a meeting in Molins de Rei. 25 mysteriously parked in front of her house without knowing yet where she lives, and walked around a the village's concrete neighbourhood as if it were familiar to him and as if he had been there many times, but he actually was there for the first time: after Alexandra and Míriam, Ѕhеуlа was the third girl with whom 25 felt a mind connection. When they met, they went to the outskirts of the village where, after talking about other things, Ѕhеуlа finally decided to perform a mind meld on 25.




Josep Maria's psychologist and therapist. On the 8th of January 2021, Lília and Josep Maria 25 performed a mind meld for a few seconds because they agreed that in exchange he wouldn't go to Belgrade by car until May of the same year, and in addition he'll listen to her and accept whatever she and another attached psychologist ask him to do. So in order to persuade him to stay in Barcelona and as a last resort, in front of another psychologist (and with his mother there but turned around), Lília initiated a mind meld with 25. And also in exchange for the mind meld with Lília, 25 promised not to take revenge on Ѕаrа Аndrејеvіć, but is still planning dirty business on her to satisfy his despair…