Meŀlina or Винкс-Melins is a character from the Expanded Universe of Planetes who was lost in the universe of Winx Club.

Appearance (Winx Club)

The casual clothes of Meŀlina is a blue T-shirt with lines and a skirt also blue. She wears some socks of lilac colour and wears a footwear of shoes brown. She wears a ring of orange colour and her hair is of brown colour. Her favourite colour is the orange, in spite of wearing blue clothes.

Appearance in Planetes 3rd

Meŀlina belonged to the Federation Starfleet from the year 2009. In 2010, between Josep Maria 14 and İhi Kadse attained to create a portal between the real world and the universe of Winx Club, with the end to resurrect the character Nabu who died, because they had technology that would allow them do it. When Nabu resurrected in this different universe, he remained surprised and asked for "Layla" and the others. Then Josep Maria 14 proposed to bring by the portal the characters Bloom, Layla and Roxy, and İhi Kadse attained to bring them also. But they left the portal opened and Duman, member of Wizards of the Black Circle, travelled also to the real world (when he was defeated by Nabu in the episode 24 of the season 4 of the series (The Day of Justice), in reality he traveled in a vortex that a bit later fell in the portal that carries to the real world). Duman caused quite chaos, and even had a relation with a woman called Lee and had a daughter, Ann (who later it joined the FEF). When Josep Maria 14 and İhi Kadse almost defeat Duman, from the portal came Ogron, the leader of Wizards of the Black Circle, and the situation got out of control. Then Meŀlina had an idea: enter in the portal together with Nabu, Bloom, Layla, Roxy, Duman and Ogron, and close it from the universe of Winx Club. Duman and Ogron would be disintegrated, and the four girls and Nabu would go to the universe of Winx Club. Like this she did it, although Josep Maria 14 and İhi Kadse said her not to do it. Meŀlina attained to close the portal, but remained trapped in the universe of Winx Club. Duman and Ogron were destroyed.

Appearance in SerieStar4

In the year 2020, Josep Maria 25 attains rematerialize and recover Meŀlina from the limbo. Meŀlina marries with the son of 0 and Carla, Franny. Later she is present in the disaster on Mars of 2059, where by an unknown explosion, all the team that was on Mars for the first time died.

Appearance in Planetes II: The Creator of the Show

Josep Maria 14 lost in the limbo a girl named Винкс-Melins. Ten years later, in 2020, Josep Maria 24 is leading a life quite unpleasant: he and İhi broke off, the Federation Starfleet no longer exists now and he is even chased by the police. He has created many enemies… There is only one useful object: a camera. The camera that records the past, present and future of their adventures. Then he has a chance: change the past. He goes to Teremedó, where it is rejected too, and take a shuttle (it's the only ship that can go into space) with the time machine coupled to the camera that takes until 2010, where it carries with it his double with 14 years old, Meŀlina (copy of Винкс-Melins) and Ann (to help them) to his future, 2020. At the end they attain to correct the timeline and the end of the film shows the events of SerieStar4 when Josep Maria 25 attains rematerialize Meŀlina from the limbo.

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