Nurse Marta is a character from the Expanded Universe of Planetes. She comes from an alternative universe.

Marta served on the ship FEF 07 as an assistant to the holographic doctor, a hologram with medical knowledge in the form of an adult man who is the ship's doctor. She had the rank of Ensign. She died in 2012.

Appearance in Planetes 3rd

Originally, Marta was a classmate of Josep Maria in high school, and suffered from diabetes. The officers of the ship 07 found a copy of her in an alternative universe and convinced her to be a member of the crew, they cured her diabetes with the technology of the ship and she stayed as the ship's nurse, helping the holographic doctor.

Appearance in Planetes III: Between Two Time

In the film Planetes III: Between Two Time, the ship FEF 05 returns from its mission but goes at high speed towards the Sun, and it will be difficult for them to save the crew. The ship FEF 06 has a method to stop ships, but someone has to pilot the 06. Marta is volunteering, saying that she has never done anything special and wants to do this. The 07 goes to Mars and Marta turns on the 06, rises to space and both ships land in the middle of the path that will make the 05, and activate a tractor beam with the method of the 06 to stop ships. They manage to teleport the entire crew of the 05, thanks to a third ship of the future with the name of FEF 09, where İhi Kadse detects an older version of herself on board. But ships 05 and 06 are pushed towards the Sun, and they can't save both ships or Marta. Marta dies, and Federation Starfleet officers make a funeral (Kimberly is also there). The officers of the 07 put helmets on the officers of the 05 to transmit the memories of their replicas to them, and temporarily erase their memories about the Federation Starfleet except Manuel's memories, since he'll look for Laia on Earth. Meanwhile, the original Marta is still alive on Earth, and on the ship 07, they'll have the holographic doctor without his nurse.

Mirror universe

In the mirror universe, Marta is part of Yusma's team of girls. She appears in the series “Special Sisters” and in the film Planetes VI: Alone in an Ordinary World, where Mirror Universe's Mila and four girls from Yusma's former army make an alliance with the officers of the 07. One of these girls, Marta, is a traitor. To prove that Marta is on her side, Regent Andrea orders her an absurd mission: she must take a pistol from a police station and give it to Andrea. But when Marta gets her mission, Andrea kills her. Before dying, Marta puts her blood-stained hand on Andrea's T-shirt, an uniform of the Federation Starfleet but with the emblem of the Terran Empire.

Other data

Admiral Josep Maria taught Marta's copy about mind melds, since she knew he came from planet Teremedó and what Teremedosians can do. After performing their mind meld, Marta said it had been a pleasant experience for her and she felt more comfortable than expected while mind-melding him. Thanks to her mind meld with her commanding officer, Ensign Marta had the courage to save the crew of the FEF 05 using the ship FEF 06 and even sacrificed herself to succeed in doing it. After seeing that his subordinate could make such an act of sacrifice just by transmitting to her some thoughts about duty and loyalty, Josep Maria discretely wanted to ask original Marta for a mind meld with her too, but she seemed not to want to. Maybe it's because they aren't so confident and their friend relationship isn't strong enough for her to accept that. However, he only wants Marta to explore her full potential, since life experiences make people only enhance part of their abilities related to the environment in which they live.

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