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Manuel Ros Anguera is a character in Expanded Universe of Planetes. He is a human boy, competitive and reserved.

Appearance in Planetes (first series)

In this series is 4 years old and has shown very occasionally, and is the child who attracts Laia. At the end of the series begin a relationship.

Appearance in Planetes Mata 2

In the first part he has 5 years, and has little importance. In the second part, with 12-16 years is the main protagonist, being captain of the ship FEF 05. In the first part is Laia's boyfriend, and in the second part Manuel and Laia are married.

Appearance in Planetes 3rd

He appears only in the first part. He has 6 years, and has a little importance. He is Laia's boyfriend, and in the second season they both have a son: Pumiky. He has the rank of lieutenant.

Appearance in SerieStar4

He appears being captain and commanding officer of the ship FEF 05. When the 05 embarked in a mission crossing outside the universe searching "Heaven" no longer appears.

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