This is a list of children that bursiferians captured and locked in Tekoda Center for two and a half years, from 1999 to 2002. By order of importance:

Name Planet Rank in Planetes 3rd
Josep Maria # Teremedó Captain
Ralja Gobola Commander (she leaves)
Laia Earth Ensign, entertainer
Lia Gobola Pilot
Manuel Earth Lieutenant
Lina Ifnil Commander
Padok Vulcan Lieutenant, assistant
Diego Earth Lieutenant, doctor
David Earth Pilot
Jordi Earth Lieutenant, chief engineer (he leaves)
Laura Earth Ensign
Carla Earth Lieutenant
Clàudia Earth Lieutenant
Irene Earth Lieutenant
Jordeek Vulcan Lieutenant
Adrià Earth Lieutenant
Òscar Earth Lieutenant
Natxo Earth Lieutenant
Iosuf Earth Lieutenant
Sara Earth Lieutenant
Arale Earth Lieutenant
Heiddy Earth Pilot
Pau Earth Lieutenant, cook
Carolina Earth Ensign
Judit Earth Ensign
Michael Earth Ensign
Jack Earth Ensign
Àlvaro Earth Ensign
Àlex C. Earth Ensign
Júlia Earth Ensign
David V. Earth Ensign
Adalí Earth Ensign
Marta S. Earth Ensign
Úsman Earth Ensign
Irene P. Earth Ensign
Sònia Earth Ensign
Xiluva Earth Ensign
Cora Earth Ensign
Roger Ifnil Ensign
Mari Àngels Earth Ensign
Nicolau Earth Ensign
Àlex R. Earth He died before have a rank
Adel Earth Ensign (died)
Maria Earth She died before have a rank
Marina Ifnil Ensign (joined later)
Mader Ifnil Ensign (died)
Alis Earth Ensign (joined later)

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