Lina is the second protagonist of Planetes 3rd in the Expanded Universe of Planetes. She is an ifnilian.

She only appears in Planetes 3rd. When Jordi and Ralja remain on Earth while the rest of the ship 06 return to Tekoda Center, Lina leaves his friends ifnilians and joined the 06. Captain Josep Maria 6 suggests Lina that covers the place of commander and first officer of the 06 who had Ralja. Later ifnilians and humans founded the Federation Starfleet. Later it is discovered that the ifnilians and Lina are humans that the bursiferians captured.

Lina appears again in the fourth film, Planetes IV: The Energy of the Universe, helping the FEF 07's crew. She's commander and the first officer of FEF 09.

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