Lia Tornero Carvajero is a character in Expanded Universe of Planetes. She's a Gobolian (from planet Gobola).

Appearance in Planetes (first series) and Planetes Mata 2

Lia appears in Planetes (first series) and in the first part of Planetes Mata 2, but with little prominence. She's the other Gobolian among the children captured and locked by the Bursiferians in Tekoda Centre, and is the pilot of the ball 04 in the first series and the pilot of spaceship 05 in Planetes Mata 2.

Appearance in Planetes 3rd

She appears only in the first part. She's 14 years old in this series, but she looks as a 6 years human. An ifnilian impersonated her to destroy the ship 06, before the foundation of the Federation Starfleet. She has the rank of pilot, then this range is named lieutenant commander.

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