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Lauryn Alisa McClain is an American teen actress, singer, songwriter and dancer who appears in the Expanded Universe of Planetes.

She was born on January 9th, 1997. She has two sisters, China Anne McClain and Sierra Aylina McClain, forming the group McClain Sisters. Her sister China Anne McClain is the star of the Disney Channel television series A.N.T. Farm. Their father, Michael McClain, is a music producer, writer, musician, vocalist and sound engineer. Their mother, Shontell McClain, is also a vocalist, musician and songwriter. The sisters were born in Atlanta, Georgia, and reside in Los Angeles, California with their family.

In the year 2013, Josep Maria 17 asked İhi Kadse to speak with the McClain sisters to ask them help. When 17 meets them, they go to FEF 07 and 17 and İhi explain them everything. At the end, İhi is forced to explain everything also to her manager, and the three sisters and İhi's manager go to 07. The older sister, Sierra, seems unkind and doesn't want to collaborate. The younger sister, China, thinks that everything is a film. And 17 is attracted to the middle sister, Lauryn, without knowing why. 17 and İhi perform a new concert on Gobola, where bring the three sisters. Sierra doesn't want to go down to the planet and it remains on board without believing anything. But some days later, when İhi already had gone back of the United States, the two sisters who went down to Gobola lose the memory as Kimberly, and only Sierra can remember because she hasn't gone down. İhi and 17 take out in conclusion that something happens on Gobola, and they don't know if it's related with Erika or not. İhi sees that the memories haven't been erased totally. Later they discover that Lauryn has a 'frequency', and therefore Josep Maria now feels attraction by her, since the people with frequencies attract him the same like the special people.

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