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Kimberly, called by his friends Mimi, is a character from the Expanded Universe of Planetes. She has two sisters, and in 2014 she'll have another sister named Newecy. She's from Bolivia, from a territory which became independent in 2024 with the name of El Tanika (country that appears in the anime). She's the cause of an alternate timeline, so the life of this girl is very complex.

Appearance in Planetes 3rd

On January 16th, 2011, a copy of Josep Maria 15 from the mirror universe came with a capsule-ship to the Earth of our universe and left Kimberly pregnant (her copy in the mirror universe was dead). Mirror Universe's Josep Maria made the fetus have accelerated metabolism, so when the baby was born, he went with the baby to his universe. 15 was as much as he could to stop his counterpart, but failed in two attempts.

On April 4th, 2011 (her birthday), a Suliban starts a relationship with her, but according to the history told by Ɛ, she'd never have boyfriend. In the end, Kimberly breaks off with Paul Archer, the Suliban who pretends to be human, because Kimberly discovered that he's an alien. Then she decided to join the FEF, and discovers that she has a sister in the future called Newecy and a daughter from another timeline called İrene. Newecy stays with her ​​sister, and later she decides to study on Teremedó. Now it seems that the timeline is changed, and the third series of Planetes ends with a mix of timelines and ends in another one which appears in SerieStar4, and which Ɛ from XXXI century and Miral Paris from XXV century have said that it's the correct one.

At the end of the film Planetes III: Between Two Time, her memory is erased and she ceases to be a member of the FEF.

Appearance in SerieStar4

She appears when a possible future is shown, where in the future, Kimberly has an important role in history. She doesn't know about the FEF until 2024, the year of the independence of a future country, El Tanika (country which appears in the anime). She also helps the FEF with the World War III and she's present in the misfortune of the first colony on Mars, when because of a problem everyone dies in 2059. She serves in the possible future aboard the ship FEF 09. In 2063, a day before the first contact, the Suliban ship that changed history kidnap lieutenant Kimberly (Mimi), and her possible ex-boyfriend describe the history and when she's released she explains to Josep Maria 67 all about the timeline from which the Sulibans come. In 2082 she died due to a contamination on a planet.

Mirror universe

Kimberly in the mirror universe died in the war that the Over-Intendent Selena and her group of terrans (humans) did against the Teremedovulcan Union. The cause of her death when Prime Universe's Josep Maria 15 changed the history of the mirror universe is unknown.


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