Groka Birka is the captain of the eighth ship of the talosian fleet, and she is the main character in seasons 1-4 of SerieStar4. She is nimbean.

Birth and childhood

She was born in 1980 in Nimbea, and all his childhood dream was to be captain of a ship (like Hachimaki in anime). After 12 years as an apprentice joins to the fleet, and at 18 she left Nimbea for the first time on a ship that went to Mira. The admiral of the talosian fleet ascends Groka as captain of the eighth ship of the 12 talosian ships that have the fleet. Their mission is study in 2001 beyond the Talos system.

Captain of a ship

She recruits Biurk, Lemba and two mirians (Parth and Mol). The eighth ship of the Talosian fleet go to Vulcan and a vulcan boy called Padok asks the captain Groka to join his ship, and she accepts the young Vulcan in the eighth ship of the fleet Talosiana as an ensign.

Later, when leaving a woman joins the crew of an unknown race called Margareeda, whose skills and helps psychologically the crew. She falls in love with Padok, and when he suffers the Pon Farr, Margareeda mates with him.

Later they go to Earth and find the Federation Starfleet, Talos joins it and Groka's ship is renamed to FEF 08.

Relationship with Diego

Since when had many adventures, the crew joins Dr. Diego Arguedas, a human that was as a doctor of the ships 04, 05 and 06 with children who were trapped in Tekoda by bursiferians. In the ship FEF 08 that is showed in SerieStar4 he is the doctor for a short time. He falls in love for the captain Groka, and have one son: Dídac. Diego later died.

See also: Diego


The ship FEF 08 found a planet in the Andromeda galaxy, and discovers that teremedosians and sulibans have a common origin in a remote planet in the Andromeda Galaxy: two remaining sisters of a extinct civilization founded the species. The older sister and vindictive called Sulny founded the Suliban species, and more peaceful called Melny founded the Teremedosian species. Sulny died, and Melny was alone. Captain Groka decides to stay with her, and dies on the planet.

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