The Golden Creation is a being that shouldn't exist, since it's a being impossible to create, but it exists. It was created to counter and destroy Erika's species, who created the energy of the universe. The reason isn't known, but it exists in the first-half of the 21st century and in the timeline altered by the Sulibans, and lives on Earth under the name of Kіrаnnіѕ. She appears for the first time in the film Planetes IV: The Energy of the Universe.


It's known that the DNA of the Golden Creation is formed by an infinite number of species, and part of her DNA is taken from infinite lifeforms. But half her DNA comes from the Teremedosian time traveller Dany, and a quarter from the human time traveller Nayeli (who is born in 2056). The origin of the other quarter of her DNA is unknown, but it's known that she has a Suliban eighth.


The Golden Creation lives on Earth and poses as human (she's only a quarter human), and besides she thinks that she's a normal girl. Therefore, the Federation Starfleet knows that there are some entities controlling her, and they won't tell her what to do and her purpose until it'll be the appropriate moment. The Federation Starfleet discovered that Josep Maria's counterpart in the mirror universe, Yusma, works for the entities controlling the Golden Creation, but Josep Maria knows that his counterpart only wants personal profits and will betray them whenever he wants. The officers of the Federation Starfleet don't know who more is working for these entities.

Perception filter

A perception filter was a telepathic effect which misdirected the senses around itself or the person using it. Perception filters had the effect of directing attention away from the object or its bearer, rendering them unnoticeable. Memory would be changed so that the object was always there. Any inconsistencies would also be forgotten. Particularly intelligent people were immune to the effects of perception filters. Once a person became aware of a perception filter and the object it was disguising, they could no longer be affected. İhi Kadse did a description to understand it better: "You know it's there, but you don't want to know it's there".

Usually, the Golden Creation and her team makes perception filters of people, for deceive the officers of the Federation Starfleet. In Lorena's church there are two perception filters, and in the church of the Golden Creation (now Josep Maria also goes to this church) there are two sisters who also are perception filters, and they're the main characters in a spin-off also created by Dýmapko: Special Sisters. Besides, there are perception filters at Josep Maria's university and in each place where the officers of the FEF 07 go in order to deceive them, but they mainly use perception filters on Josep Maria.


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