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Gobolian male.

Gobola is a distant planet to Earth with many small satellites that only appears in Universe Expanded of Planetes. It's a planet suitable for life. It is located at the end of the Alpha Quadrant of the Milky Way. Its technology is more advanced than Earth.

The Gobolians

A gobolian's stomach.

The gobolians are a humanoid species that originate from planet Gobola. Gobolians are bipedal primates with mark on the forehead and a cross on the stomach as a navel. They are very obese, more than humans. They live only forty years, and when they born don't measure more than 2 centimeters. When they are 10 years his appearance is like a 2 years human, and grow very quickly. The gobolians, along with humans, teremedosians, and nimbeans and mirians (from Talos system) form the Federation Starfleet.

Destruction in a possible future

In a possible future in which Suliban not have altered the history, pegasians come to this planet and launch a weapon that destroys Gobola. Dany sees everything, and angry at the loss of the planet, finds a way to destroy Pegasus and all his race, but it takes a sacrifice: he must enter in a vortex. Later after arrive in the FEF 09 Dany destroy Pegasus, falls into the vortex and is given to death.

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