Logo of the FEF.

The Federation Starfleet, also known as FEF, is a secret organization that Josep Maria with 6 years old founded on November 25, 2001 and its founders are humans, teremedosians, gobolians and ifnilians. Ifnilians almost disappeared, and then were added to the FEF nimbeans and mirians from Talos system. Temporarily were in FEF the klingons, who ended up enemies.

In a possible future showed in SerieStar4, it was added to the FEF a group of vulcans without knowing anything Vulcan High Command. In a war against pegasians, Gobola, Nimbea and Mira were destroyed, leaving only humand and vulcans. FEF lasts several Agrokak's generations, until 2121 when the Josep Maria's grandson (Adry) ends the FEF.

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