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The FEF Dortox 00 or simply Dortox is a spaceship of the expanded universe of Planetes that belongs to the Federation Starfleet.


This ship was launched in 2007 with the new launch of the ship FEF 05 and the renaming of the ship FEF 08. The crew who was caught in Tekoda was divided in two: a half went to the 05 and the other half to the Dortox. The Dortox's mission was to study Verdomace, a territory outside the Universe whose background colour is green. The Dortox, in a possible future, returned to Earth in 2029. This is showed in SerieStar4, and there's no further information about this ship.


The whole crew comes from Earth. The main crew is as follows:

  • Oscar: captain of the ship.
  • Lina: commander and first officer.
  • Heiddy: lieutenant commander and pilot.
  • Julia: lieutenant and security chief.

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