The FEF 09 is a spaceship of the expanded universe of Planetes belonging to the Federation Starfleet.

Original timeline

This ship would exist in the future of a timeline in which Suliban have not contacted with Kimberly. In this timeline, future Josep Maria # build a new ship: the FEF 09, when moves him and İhi Kadse (as a captain of 09), and Laia enters as a commander. Josep Maria # promotes 0 as the captain of the ship FEF 07 (and Carla as commander). Later, 07 is destroyed, and 0 and Carla leave the FEF to be with their son Franny. All this is showed in season 5 of SerieStar4. This timeline will exist according to Ɛ from XXXI century and Miral Paris from XXV century.

Altered timeline

But according to the temporal changes showed in Planetes 3rd, everything changes. The ship FEF 09 was inaugurated in 2015, 0 became captain of the ship FEF 07 together with Carla as commander and the rest of the crew moved to the new 09. 0 now has new crew of Teremedó in the 07.

On May 12th, 2017, the ship FEF 09 disappeared together with Pumiky and Ann in a vortex caused by an unknown action. Robert knew it and Josep Maria 21 too (since he sensed it because of his Teremedosian powers), but they didn't do anything, since they must let the timeline run its course: the vortex leads the ship FEF 09 to the prime universe (the original time without the changes made by the Sulibans), and some decades later, Adry (Josep Maria's grandson) will discover them. The son of Pumiky and Ann grows with them, and they spend the rest of their lives in the holodeck simulating the Earth.

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