The eighth talosian ship, later FEF 08, is a spaceship of the expanded universe of Planetes. It was originally a ship from Talos system and later join to to Federation Starfleet in 2007.

Launch and original crew

A group of nimbeans and mirians from the Talos system, go find new civilizations to space. They leave twelve ships, and this is the eighth. Later they meet the FEF, which they join it and this ship is renamed to FEF 08. When they leave of Solar System are absorbed by a wormhole not far from where they were, and they have more adventures. This is showed in seasons 1-4 of SerieStar4. The crew is:

New crew: descendants

When it spends many years, Vulcan joins the FEF and Padok becomes admiral of vulcans and bring a new ship, the FEF 10 (FEF 0Ɛ). Later, in the FEF 08 the characters are married and have children, and changing the crew:

  • Biurk Grog: captain, nimbean.
  • Lemba Pund: commander and first officer, nimbean.
  • George: lieutenant commander and security chief, son of Margareeda and Padok.
  • Diego Arguedas: doctor of the ship for a short time. He falls in love for the captain Groka. Diego later died.
  • Dídac Arguedas: new doctor, like his father, Diego and his mother is Groka. He becomes the new doctor when his father dies.
  • Courier: lieutenant and pilot.
  • Tuc: ensign and pilot.
  • Fèlix Grog: the little child of Biurk and Lemba.

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