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The FEF 07 is a spaceship of the expanded universe of Planetes that belongs to the Federation Starfleet.

Construction and crew

In 2007 Josep Maria 12, after leaving the Federation Starfleet inactive for years, restored it and built on Teremedó the ship FEF 07. 12 gave the range of commander to İhi Kadse, the range of pilot to his brother 0 and the range of pilot to the little Pumiky. Shortly later, in 2008, Talos system joins the Federation Starfleet and Nimbea's admiral Edward promotes 12 to admiral of Earth. Then 12 promotes İhi to captain and 0 to commander and first officer of the ship FEF 07.


Once formed the crew they had many adventures: first, they created a virtual world in the Digital Sea (Internet). They have adventures in this world, they destroy it, they create another virtual world and have to fight three times against XANA. This is seen in seasons 3-8 of Planetes 3rd. Throughout these seasons they added to the crew of the FEF 07 new friends: a copy of a girl named Carla (who then marries 0), Rutitto (temporary), a copy of a girl named Marta, a girl named Julia (temporary), a rejuvenated woman named Lee, who returns to Earth after leaving back her daughter, Ann (who becomes Pumiky's girlfriend), and a girl from the limbo named Винкс-Melins, lost in another world in the limbo and then they decide search the Winx from Earth (mission paralysed later). Carol González from the mirror universe also is taken, but then she turns out to be a traitor.

Then there appears a girl from the mirror universe, the Over-Intendent Selena Gomez, who hijacked the ship 07 with Carol and wishes to use it as a weapon of a war in her world. Josep Maria 15 found the same Over-Intendent with fewer years and sees an opportunity: if he erases her memory Selena won't grow and the Over-Intendent or her entire war that nearly ended with all teremedosians in the mirror universe will never exist.

Things are complicated when the Sulibans try to change history: on the 4th of April 2011, a Suliban starts a relationship with Kimberly, but according to the history disclosed by Ɛ, she'd never have boyfriend. In the end, Kimberly breaks off with Paul Archer, the Suliban who pretends to be human, because Kimberly discovers that he's an alien. Then she decides to join the Federation Starfleet and she discovers that she has a sister in the future called Newecy and a daughter from another timeline called İrene. Newecy stays with her ​​sister, and later she decides to study on Teremedó. Now it seems that the timeline is changed, and Planetes 3rd ends with a mix of timelines and ends in another than the one which is told in SerieStar4, the one Ɛ from the 31st century and Miral Paris from 25th century have stated to be correct one.


In a possible future, the ship FEF 07 wih its supercomputer will be destroyed in 2020, and the crew will move to the new ship FEF 09. This is showed in SerieStar4. In the altered timeline of the films Planetes III: Between Two Time and Planetes IV: The Energy of the Universe, when the ship FEF 09 is inaugurated in 2015, 0 became captain of the ship FEF 07 together with Carla as commander while the rest of the crew moved to the new 09. 0 now has new crew from Teremedó on the 07.

On the 12th of May 2017, the ship FEF 09 disappeared together with Pumiky and Ann in a vortex caused by an unknown action, and Josep Maria 21 returns to the 07 co-captaining the ship together with 0.

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