The 06 and later FEF 06 is a spaceship of the expanded universe of Planetes. It's a spaceship which built the children who were trapped in Tekoda Center. With 06, captain Josep Maria 6 founded the Federation Starfleet.

Construction and voyages in Tekoda

In 2000 children who were traveling in the ship 05 had killed all of bursiferians and had taken over. But all didn't end well: because a failure in 05, this was scheduled to travel nearly Warp 10 outside Tekoda toward deep space. The crew had little time to escape, and the ship was given for lost. Not only did this happen: a bursiferian who had survived recreated the rest of his group and returned to take control of Tekoda. The children had little time to escape to Tisawó, a natural satellite of the planet near to Tekoda.

This ship was constructed in Tisawó's Alurras (a type of sea) where children were hidden. In first episode of Planetes 3rd launched ship from Tisawó to Gobola, and they put ranges to the children (Josep Maria 6 as captain and Ralja as commander). After doing a mission in Gobola there were again captured by the new bursiferians in Tekoda Center. In the next episode they escaped to Earth, but bursiferians were followed them and and forced them to return to Tekoda, staying in Earth commander Ralja (gobolian) and Jordi (human). Then 6 assigned a new first officer, the ifnilian commander Lina. This new crew had many adventures. In February, 2002 Josep Maria 6 launched the Omega Directive, a weapon that destroyed Tekoda and bursiferians. They returned to Earth, the children go back in time because their parents didn't know anything about their children. The ship 06 was parked and unused on the planet Teremedó.

Last mission and destruction

In 2012 the ship FEF 05, which had been recovered with new crew, tried to do something forbidden in the "Heaven": bringing with them a spirit. So they were punished and were sent to the Sun in Warp 10. In the quick trip to the death in 2012 were able to send a help message to Earth, that received Josep Maria 17 and his official Marta go with abandoned spaceship FEF 06 to save them. Only 6 people were saved from the FEF 05, and FEF 06 was destroyed. Marta died.


This ship had two shuttles: TC1 and TC2, which were used as a control towers in Ot and Bur’sw respectively.

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