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The 05 and later FEF 05 is a spaceship of the expanded universe of Planetes. This ship belonged to the Dominion and the children stolen from they and renamed to 05.

Voyages in Tekoda and lost

In 2000 children who were traveling in the ball 04 were captured by a species at the beginning called the twilight zone, which destroyed the ship. Thanks to the Josep Maria 4's powers, took a ship from enemies who renamed 05 and escaped back to Tekoda Center.

In Tekoda had most of the adventures that was showed in the first part of Planetes Mata 2, a series of the expanded universe of Planetes (2000-2001). At the end of the first part because a failure in 05, this was scheduled to travel nearly Warp 10 outside Tekoda toward deep space. The crew had little time to escape, and the ship was given for lost.

Encounter and news voyages

In 2007, while the ship FEF 08 was exploring a remote area of space, they found 05. Then the ship 08 took away to the Earth the ship 05, and Federation Starfleet with Josep Maria 12 renamed the ship FEF 05. Then 12 was assigned a new crew for the ship: Manuel as captain and Laia as commander and first officer. This is seen in SerieStar4.

Once formed the new crew of the FEF 05, embarked in a mission crossing outside the universe searching "Heaven". There they find the Digital Sea, the limbo, the Q Continuum and first meeting with the mirror universe, among other adventures. This is showed in the second part of Planetes Mata 2.


At the end of the series Planetes Mata 2 the crew of FEF 05 tried to do something forbidden in the "Heaven": bringing with them a spirit. So they were punished and were sent to the Sun in Warp 10. In the quick trip to the death in 2012 were able to send a help message to Earth, that received Josep Maria 17 and his official Marta go with abandoned spaceship FEF 06 to save them. Only 6 people were saved from the FEF 05, and Marta died. In the timeline altered by the Sulibans, Marta dies too, but all the crew of the FEF 05 are saved.


This ship had two shuttles: İF1 and İF2, and these shuttles ended in the hands of ifnilians.

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