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Erika (Jé Séniah), regenerated as Annika Caetano, Danika and other names, is a character of the Expanded Universe of Planetes. Her origin or the name of her species are unknown, but it's known that she is a member of an endangered species and only remain two, and her species was the one who generated the energy of the universe in the Big Bang.

Information of the species

This species only has a gender, the feminine. A characteristic of this species is the regeneration. Usually they pose as people on the planet where they live, and when they match with a male, if she has a daughter, her body becomes a body of the species of the male and loses the memories about being an alien, but the newborn daughter becomes the alien and all the memories and personality are passed from mother to daughter; the mother regenerated in the daughter and generated a false body of the father's species who continues with her without knowing anything about his wife's origins.

Another characteristic of this species is to turn people in 'Sequoias': This consists in making people obey her without knowing why they do it, therefore the officers of the Federation Starfleet call this process 'Abduction', but this term isn't official. To turn somebody in a 'Sequoia', this species has to take the victim's hands to transmit something to them. She always uses it to incorporate herself in a family and make them think that she's part of the family, and besides Erika used it for her own benefit and to prevent the officers of the Federation Starfleet from investigating too much. When a Sequoia goes back to normal, they lose all the memories during their period while being a Sequoia. 0 was voluntarily a Sequoia and afterwards went back to normal, and a friend of İhi Kadse's and the actress Zendaya also were Sequoias. At present two teachers in the last secondary school where Josep Maria and Erika studied, three students in their classroom, a girl from Josep Maria's village, another friend of İhi called Melody, and more people unknown for the Federation Starfleet, are still Sequoias.


Erika is the incarnation that lived in the first-half of the 21st century of one of the two remaining members of this species, and she's the most known. She has lived long, and she stated in the film Planetes III: Between Two Time that she's older than the planet Teremedó. First the crew of the FEF 07 thought that she tried to destroy the Teremedosians, but afterwards they discovered more about her, and that that her target isn't a concrete species. As it's known, she created the mirror universe in the 5th century, creating an alternative universe where Roman Empire didn't fall and the humanity became wilder, until evolving in the Terran Empire founded in the 20th century and dominating the whole planet. Also, a copy of her was created and lived in the mirror universe. In the original timeline without the changes of the Sulibans, Erika married Leo and regenerated in a daughter called Danika. Leo died in the World War III. In SerieStar4 Erika appears as an old woman, but she's no longer the same: she has a body generated by the alien to remain on Earth and avoid suspicions.

Annika Caetano

Annika Caetano is the incarnation that lived in the first-half of the 25th century of Erika, regenerated roughly 20 times. It appears in Planetes III: Between Two Time like a girl of 12 years, that she became crazy due to the step of the centuries and now wants to destroy the universe as we know it and create another one under her control. With Erika's unexpected help, they manage to stop Annika Caetano because Erika makes her future version enter a vortex and cease to exist. And also with Erika's help they go back to their century and to their timeline. Annika's mother is also shown, but her name's unknown.

Erika (granddaughter)

Erika, granddaughter of the original Erika, appears in SerieStar4 in the original timeline. The ship FEF 09 with Josep Maria's grandson, Adry, travel to the timeline altered by the Sulibans but trapped in a frozen time bubble in the 6th of July 2014 and discover how would be Josep Maria's life in this timeline, but they make a mistake: they think Josep Maria broke up with İhi and began to date a girl named Lorena, because they see them in Josep Maria's house together. But they actually saw some perception filters created by the Golden Creation to deceive the officers from the future and Josep Maria and Lorena actually were in another place. When they go back to their time (the year 2090), Adry finds Lorena much older and with a family, and she's living in Portugal. Then it's revealed that Erika has under her control a hospital, and meets Adry. Then she decides to erase the memory of everybody from the original timeline who remember the altered timeline. And she doesn't appear anymore.

Other incarnations

One of Erika's incarnations married in the first years of the 22nd century with the inventor of the Transporter, Emory Erickson. This appeared in the database of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-F) when the ship FEF 07 travelled to the year 2412 and to the original timeline.

Mirror universe

Erika in the mirror universe tried to help Josep Maria, resulting to be the opposite part of Prime Universe's Erika, although she did some too exaggerated things. It's shown that Prime Universe's Erika tried to prevent Josep Maria from contacting his double, and Mirror Universe's Erika almost doesn't give them information. In the film Planetes IV: The Energy of the Universe it's discovered that Josep Maria's double, Yusma, kidnapped Mirror Universe's Erika because he worked for the Golden Creation, and then he ended up getting rid of her.


Velika (Велика in Cyrillic) is the other remaining member of the species. Her name means “Big”. Little is known about Velika, only that she lives in Serbia and doesn't know that her species was extinguished by the Golden Creation. Josep Maria 18 saw her by chance in an excursion that he did, and the Federation Starfleet lost her trace. Besides, Erika doesn't know that Velika (Велика) is alive and thinks that she's the last, and doesn't want to believe what Josep Maria 18 is saying.

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