Carla is a character from the Expanded Universe of Planetes. Is human.

The real Carla

The real Carla appears only Planetes 3rd. She's a girl who went to the same school as Josep Maria #, a year older than him. In episode 6 of the third season (Exchange Bodies), while Josep Maria 13 was scanning in the supercomputer's school, was a problem (smoke came out) and Carla went to see what happened. Then she was absorbed by scanner and left 13 in the body of Carla and Carla in the body of 13. When everything settled her memory was erased (although the back and delete it again) but a copy of Carla remains in the ship FEF 07.

The copy of Carla

Appearance in Planetes Mata 2

Only appears in a episode of season 4 (the second half), but has little importance because it appears along with 0 in the ship FEF 07.

Appearance in Planetes 3rd

After staying back in the FEF 07, Carla and 0 start a relationship in 2009, and in April 18, 2010 they married. Since entering the FEF (2008) until 2009 she had the rank of lieutenant, and in 2009 was promoted to lieutenant commander. At the end of the series she and 0 have a son, Franny, who was born in January 2011.

Appearance in SerieStar4

Only appears when it shows a possible future of the characters: the son of Carla and 0, Franny, is married with Meŀlina (a limbo's girl who was lost and was later recovered) and has two children. She leaves the FEF in 2050 with over 55 years old to be with his family, being absent during seasons 6-16.

Mirror universe

Carla in mirror universe is a human but at the side of the teremedosians (Teremedovulcan Union), and 0's girlfriend. Murdered in 2009 by a klingon, the counterpart of the klingon who signed the treaty in the FEF (2008-2009).

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