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The ball 04 is a spaceship of the expanded universe of Planetes. This is the fourth Gobolian ship that was launched in the year 1998. The ship has a spherical shape.

Launch and voyages

The ball 04 was launched from the planet Gobola in 1998. The crew are human kids that his parents were taken by a group of gobolians to Gobola. The mission of the children was rescue Josep Maria 4, a teremedosian, and Laia of the future had told her version of 4 years old that it was important for the sake of history.

When they were back to Gobola, some aliens called bursiferians captured the ball 04 and its crew in Tekoda Center. There were most of the adventures showed in first series of the expanded universe of Planetes (1999-2000).


In 2000 the ball 04 and its crew were captured by a species at the beginning called the twilight zone, which destroyed the ship. Thanks to the 4's powers, they took a ship from enemies who renamed 05 and escaped back to Tekoda.

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