Alexandra Sierra Ramírez is a character of the Expanded Universe of Planetes. She's a mermaid from the limbo who was materialised in the real world, and lives a life like a girl of the Dominican Republic. She used a woman of Lorena's church who was alone, and created her a family where she would be her mother, a filter of perception would be her father and another filter of perception would be her brother Antony. These characters that Alexandra created, the people thinks that they are real, and Lorena fell in love with Antony preventing a relation with Josep Maria #. Later, the memories of the previous life of Alexandra were erased from her mind, and Alexandra thinks she's a human normal girl. And they programmed her that when she had any memory of her previous life like mermaid, whatever it is, her head will explode and she will die. Therefore the FEF cannot do anything.

Alexandra comes from the series Mako Mermaids. Originally she has a cousin named Lyla, who was protagonist of the series during first season. Lyla was materialised by İhi Kadse and she lived on the ship FEF 09 until she died. The mermaids can live a life like human, but 10 seconds after touching water, they turn into a mermaid. Also they have the mermaid link with a man, this means that when they connect with a human man, the man feels attraction to the mermaid, afterwards begins to have powers and finally turns into a merman. In 2014, Josep Maria 19 suffered the enchantment of the mermaid link with Alexandra, but achieved to break the enchantment before turning into a merman, since he'd have turned into an unreal character. Later, in 2015, it seems that a boy of the church named Taison is suffering the mermaid link with Alexandra and could become a merman, that is to say, an unreal character. The FEF has to avoid it. This appears in the films Planetes IV: The Energy of the Universe and Planetes V: Your name on Earth. In the film Planetes V: Your name on Earth, Josep Maria 20 falls in love with Alexandra.

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