Аlехаndrа Ѕіеrrа Rаmírеz is a mermaid from the limbo who was materialised in the real world, and lives a life like a girl from the Dominican Republic. She used a woman from Lorena's church who was alone, and created a family for her where she would be her mother, a perception filter would be her father and another perception filter would be her brother Antony. People think that all these characters created by Alexandra are real, and Lorena fell in love with Antony avoiding a relation with Josep Maria. Later, Alexandra's memories of her previous life were erased from her mind, and Alexandra thinks she's an ordinary human girl. However, if she remembers anything about her previous life as a mermaid, whatever she remembers, her head is intended to explode so she'll die. Therefore the Federation Starfleet cannot do anything.

Alexandra comes from the series 'Mako Mermaids'. Originally she has a cousin named Lyla, who was one of the main characters in the series during its first season. Lyla was materialised by İhi Kadse and lived on the ship FEF 09 until she died. When a merperson is completely dry, their tails transform into human legs and they are under a spell. Ten seconds after touching water or by being exposed to snow or ice, they'll revert back to their true forms. A long orange tail with a matching top for mermaids and a long blue tail for mermen. All clothing, including tops, accessories etc, are absorbed by the merperson and vanish during their transformation. Humans who have changed into merpeople possess this power since their first transformation. Since mermaids who were born in the sea don't have a human form, they can cast a spell to give them legs with the Full Moon or Moon Rings. Mermaids also have the 'Mermaid Link' ability with a man, this means that when they bond with a human male, he feels attraction towards the mermaid, then he begins to have powers and in the end he turns into a merman. In 2014, Josep Maria 19 suffered the enchantment of the Mermaid Link with Alexandra, but achieved to break the enchantment before turning into a merman, since he'd have turned into an unreal character. Later, in 2015, a boy from the church named Taison might've experienced a mermaid link with Alexandra so he could become a merman, that's to say, an unreal character. The Federation Starfleet must prevent it. This appears in the films Planetes IV: The Energy of the Universe and Planetes V: Your name on Earth. In the film Planetes V: Your name on Earth, Josep Maria 20 falls in love with Alexandra. In the film Planetes VII: The End of a Future, Josep Maria is no longer in love with Alexandra, but he goes once again to the church to talk to her about a synthetic girl who is causing so much trouble on Earth after creating the coronavirus. Alexandra makes also a cameo appearance when in another timeline where Sandra López and 0 died, Josep Maria went to the church before his first regeneration and before becoming a Time Lord to see if Alexandra was fine and she still had no problems related to her issue of not being able to remember that she's a mermaid. Since the police were chasing him, some member of the church reported that Josep Maria was there and the police finally managed to arrest him, although he later escaped from prison using virtual superhuman powers obtained through the supercomputer of his former school, and at the end he managed to travel back in time to do his mission. Alexandra no longer appears.

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