Alara Kitan is a character of the Expanded Universe of Planetes. She appears for the first time in the film "Planetes IX: I Want to Forget You but I Can't". She's a Xelayan and former Chief of Security aboard the USS Orville with the rank of Lieutenant in the Planetary Union's Starfleet. Due to the high gravity of her homeworld Xelaya, she possesses incredible strength and endurance. Alara was born in the year 2396 on Xelaya.


The young lieutenant Alara Kitan got the position of Chief of Security in the starship USS Orville thanks to her tenacity and her effort during her brief but intense career in the starfleet as well as, certainly, thanks to her impressive physical capabilities as a Xelayan, a member of an alien species from Xelaya, a high-gravity planet that gives her greater-than-human strength in Earth gravity. She has an incredible physical ability that allows unexpected physical feats on a young girl. Having lived during her childhood in her home planet, under a gravity much superior to the habitual one in the inhabited worlds, allows her to knock down doors and walls, jump from tens of meters long, burst the furniture of the ship with ease or crush a solid block of titanium and reshape it into a small sphere with her bare hands. Her lack of life experience and her youthful insecurities are her biggest obstacle, but her new friendships with the ship will allow her to reach her maximum potential.

She receives the Sapphire Star for her role as acting commanding officer after Ed Mercer and Kelly Grayson are abducted by the Calivon during Bortus' incubation of his egg. Alara resigned her post in 2420 to be with her family on her home planet after it was discovered that she was losing her strength due to her long period away from her home planet's gravity, using the opportunity to reconnect with her parents.

After staying on Xelaya, Alara is visited by Panda who proposes her to come with him in his TARDIS and travel through time and space. Alara agrees. Among other things, Panda revealed her that he's a Time Lord and that he's 90 years old despite his appearance as a middle-aged, because he can regenerate his body causing a complete physical and often psychological change, and he dit it twice. After travelling 4 years together, Alara and Panda travel to Earth in the year 2022, where Alara meets Josep Maria, Panda's young version from an alternative timeline where he didn't became a Time Lord. On August 0th, Panda invites Josep Maria 27 to join them and travel to 21st century Xelaya, Alara's home planet. 27 uses the virtualisation to go on this planet, while Panda uses a special suit so as not to be crushed by gravity, but he has limited time and movements with this suit. Therefore, they must split up. He'll stay in the TARDIS while 27 and Alara will explore the planet and its society in the 21st century. But suddenly, they're arrested by local policemen, who see that 27 isn't Xelayan. 27 uses his virtual powers to escape with Alara, and they return to the TARDIS. Inside the TARDIS, Panda proposes Alara to make a strong mind meld with 27, since there exists a myth: a very strong mind meld can give off a spectacular energy. 27 and Alara decide to make the strong mind meld and, while sharing a unique experience, an energy similar to that of a regeneration emerges from them. While they're returning to Earth, Panda explains that before travelling with Alara, he had travelled for five months with a version of the year 2032 of Marta, the daughter of a cousin of 27. When she returned home, only a few minutes had passed for her, and her family didn't notice it. But this will happen in the future when she'll be 19 years old, now she's 9. The TARDIS arrives on Earth, and 27 says goodbye to Panda and Alara, and returns home. So that his parents don't realise that he wasn't at home, he enters the station of the Teremedosian trains named STK and uses a teleporter from this station that takes him to the bed of his house. The next day, at home, 27 remembers the strong mind meld, while in the TARDIS, Alara tells Panda that she wants to go home, she'd like to return to her time and be with her friends and her family again. Panda accepts and takes the TARDIS to 25th century Xelaya, and in Alara's room, she begins to remember the strong mind meld with 27 and says: "I think that I've fallen in love, but as always, I'm never lucky in love, since this is an impossible love…".

At the end of the year 2022, the spaceship FEF 07 is absorbed by a vortex that leads to the limbo, and the officers of the 'Pulá' facilities don't know if 0 and Franny are alive or dead. In February 2023, a bird-shaped alien in a special suit appears in the sky and begins to attack, but they manage to kill him, since "he has never found the Teremedosians". In April 2023, the officers of the 'Pulá' facilities tell 27 to come to Bàrcinon because they analysed the alien's suit and believe that this alien came from the future or from another universe, since it seems that the suit is capable of travelling in five dimensions: apart from the three known, this suit allows to travel in time and in the multiverse. They separated the component that allows interdimensional travel and created another suit with human form, and now they've got a suit with which 27 could go to the place where his brother and his nephew are. 27 gets very happy, but says that before using the suit, he must be prepared. However, the officers say that the suit will only be active for two more hours, and then it'll be deactivated. In addition, it's for single use only. However, 27 refuses the opportunity to go to the limbo and save them, because he says that they're part of his past and prefers to go looking for Alara in the 25th century, therefore he'll never see his brother or his nephew any more. He also says he's aware that if he doesn't do this, his future and the future of the entire Earth will go to shit. That's to say, 27 will try to forget them and think only about Alara.

After several preparations, 27 is sent forward in time until the year 2422, in the same timeline. 27 appears in a futuristic Barcelona and tries to find a way to travel to Xelaya and meet again his beloved, but he ends up arrested because the Planetary Union's police detect that he doesn't belong to this place. After trying to convince everybody that he's a crucial piece in the history of the Earth, he's brought before the Planetary Union Council to expose the matter. Then it's discovered that there's a temporal paradox they're all involved in, because according to history, in 2068 a half-human and half-Xelayan hybrid named Solana Roca López will succeed in contacting her mother's home planet by calling a ship from this planet to come to Earth and leading to humanity's first official contact with an alien race. However, it's stated that this hybrid was on Earth due to the fact that at the beginning of the 21st century a Xelayan ship was wrecked in Catalonia, its alien crew mixed with humans without almost anybody knowing anything, some Xelayans mated with humans and had children, and finally Solana wanted both species to get to know each other officially, working for years to create a transmitter to send a message to her mother's home planet, since she knew Xelaya's exact location. But 27 knows this isn't true because he's Catalan, he comes from 2023 and no alien ship came to his city, but he tells everybody in the Planetary Union Council that he knows what really happened: he fell in love with Alara after a time traveller named Panda introduced her to him in a trip with his time machine named TARDIS, she fell in love with him too, but since they're almost four centuries away, they couldn't see each other again. However, he's here ready to see her and ask her to come with him to the past and live a couple life with him in his time. If they do so, Elisenda and Solana will be born, and Solana will lead to humanity's first contact with the Xelayan people thanks to her knowledge about the location of an inhabited planet holding intelligent life. But if neither he nor Alara return to the 21st century, history will change and the Union will disappear. That's confirmed when 27 says that his name's Josep Maria Roca, having the same first surname, and also when they look at the records they see that Solana's mother looks exactly like Alara but older. Therefore, a Union starship takes 27 to Xelaya, and gives him a special suit which prevents him from being crushed by Xelaya's higher gravity. When 27 arrives at her home, Alara gets very happy to see him again. She tells her parents that he's the boy she told them so much about, making it clear that she fell also in love with him. They go to the Union shuttle which landed on the planet to speak freely, because inside this shuttle they're in Earth gravity so 27 can take off his special suit. Just as 27 took off the suit, Alara kisses him. After their first kiss, they confess their growing feelings to each other, and 27 explains to Alara everything about the temporal paradox regarding them, but tells Alara that she agrees to give up everything she knows in her century and live a totally new life in an unknown world, because she'll be with the boy she's in love with. She also says that until now she has never been lucky in love, but now she's sure she has found her better half. Alara wants to spend the rest of her life with him although they barely know each other, but she knows almost everything about him after their strong mind meld and that's why she's willing to make this huge decision, taking into account also that the history of the Planetary Union is in jeopardy if she doesn't. Alara's sister, named also Solana, isn't home, so she can't say goodbye to her. But she says goodbye to her parents and leaves Xelaya with his new boyfriend. In space, when the problem of how to travel to the past appears, 27 says he knows a planet named "Gateway" with a being that facilitates time travelling. But when 27 gives the coordinates of the planet, the captain of the ship says that this planet is in an area they can't go to, because it's in Calivon space and their territory is considered by the Union as forbidden space and everybody on the ship could die. But 27 says that if they don't go back to the past, everybody in the universe could change or even cease to exist, so maybe the whole humanity could disappear. Alara proposes to take a shuttle with him and risk entering into Calivon space to the planet Gateway using the cloaking device, and to do it quickly before any Calivon ship see them. They do so, although they'll be fully alone inside Calivon space. During the trip to the border with Calivon, 27 and Alara have sex for the first time. They leave the Union starship in a shuttle and head towards the planet Gateway, but when they arrive, a Calivon ship sees them. 27 quickly contacts the Guardian of Forever, the Calivon ship shoots at them, but 27 causes their shuttle to pass through the Guardian of Forever and the Calivons believe that the shuttle has crashed. The shuttle appears in the year 2023, but a month after the day 27 left. They take the shuttle to Earth, go down to his house in Barcelona and 27 surprises his parents by waving from the invisible shuttle floating at the height of his balcony, but 27 tells them to wait. They land their shuttle on a family farm in Ayllón, his mother's village, and 27 and Alara take the STK trains to go to Barcelona. When they arrive in Barcelona, his parents are surprised to see Alara, but 27 decides to tell them the whole truth about the things that until now everybody would've considered paranormal. Alara is granted to stay and live in 27's home with him and his parents, and she's very happy because at the end her bad luck in love has disappeared. 27 hacks into the civil registration and makes a false identity for Alara under the name of "Alara López", to prevent Alxy Frankz's curse on Josep Maria to be applied to her. And they'll use the 25th century technology of the Planetary Union shuttle to their advantage, because Alara doesn't understand money and the rules of 21st century Earth. But Alara must hide as much of the time as possible, because her physical appearance is slightly different from humans' and somebody might realise that she doesn't come from Earth. So from now on, 27 will also live with Alara.

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