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Маríа İѕаbеl Lóреz Rоdríguеz, known professionally as María Isabel and in the Federation Starfleet as İhi Kadse, is a Teremedosian living on Earth as a Spanish singer, songwriter and actress. She's best known for winning the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2004 with the song "Antes muerta que sencilla". From May 2005 to August 2015, she was dating Josep Maria Roca Peña.


María Isabel was born in Ayamonte, Province of Huelva, Spain. She demonstrated an interest in dancing and singing from a very young age. Her love for singing and dancing took her to the 2004 Spanish Eurojunior competition, which was televised nationally in her native Spain. The purpose of this competition was to select Spain's representative for the relatively new Junior Eurovision Song Contest competition, which began in 2003.

Eurojunior and Junior Eurovision Song Contest

María Isabel won Spain's Eurojunior contest with her single "Antes muerta que sencilla" ("I'd rather be dead than understated"). Subsequently, she won the second Junior Eurovision Song Contest performing the same song, and setting a record for both largest score (171 points) and largest winning margin (31). This record can be explained in part due to the 2004 contest having the highest number of participants of any Junior Eurovision Song Contest at the time, with eighteen participants (the 2018 Contest had twenty participants.) Her winning margin record was broken by the 2012 winner, Anastasiya Petryk, who won with a 35-point margin. Her largest score record was broken by 2015 Winner, Destiny Chukunyere.

Winning at the age of nine years, ten months and 16 days old, she became the youngest person to win the contest to date (a few days younger than the Tolmachevy Sisters, the only other nine year-old winners).

Several weeks before winning the festival she released her first album, titled ¡No me toques las palmas que me conozco! ("Don't clap your hands because I know myself"). This CD included "Antes muerta que sencilla", which launched her career in the Spanish show business world, making her a competitor of another Spaniard child star, Melody.

After Junior Eurovision Song Contest

María Isabel in 2007.

"Antes Muerta que Sencilla" became an instant radio hit in Spain, and was later promoted in Latin America, where María Isabel's album as released in 2005. Milly Cangiano, a Puerto Rican television show host, made the song's title one of the catchphrases she uses daily during her show.

In addition, María Isabel began her first tour of Latin America and the United States after the album's release. Her song became a chart-topper in Argentina, Colombia, and Puerto Rico, among others. In April 2005, she was interviewed on US nationwide television for the first time, when she was presented on Univision's El Gordo y la Flaca and chatted with hosts Lili Estefan and Raúl De Molina.

Also in April 2005, when she was 10 years old, she met Josep Maria Roca Peña, who discovered that she's also Teremedosian like him, and told her about her true origins. They fell in love each other and began to date on the 0th of May 2005, but decided to keep their relationship in secret. María Isabel continued school, but on weekends and school holidays she would travel throughout Spain giving concerts as well as interviews for the media. She became a regular performer on Málaga's Tivoli World amusement park.

Her second album was titled Número 2. It includes the songs "Pues va a ser que no" and "En mi jardín". These songs are part of the Spanish soundtrack of the Barbie film Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus. Her third album, Capricornio, was released on the 21st of November 2006 and peaked at number 11 on the Spanish Albums Chart. It is a double disc set which also includes a DVD with all of her videoclips and extras.

Her fourth studio album is a collection of songs from the soundtrack of the first movie she starred in, Ángeles SA. Due to management and release problems, Ángeles SA entered the Spanish charts at number 35, however it later peaked at number 7, certifying it gold.

In 2009 and 2010 she hosted the children's show Los Lunnis on Televisión Española. In November 2009 she released her fifth album, Los Lunnis con María Isabel, which contained the songs from the show as well as two original tracks.

Serving in the Federation Starfleet

İhi in 2011.

İhi left her abilities to join the FEF 07 with Josep Maria 12 in 2007, two years after meeting him. Josep Maria 12, who had been dormant for many years, recovered the Federation Starfleet and made a ship named FEF 07, and İhi joined its crew as an ensign with 0. She was quickly promoted to commander. Shortly later, in 2008, Talos joined the FEF and admiral Edward promoted 12 to admiral of Earth. Then 12 promoted İhi to captain and 0 to commander of the ship FEF 07.

Josep Maria 13, İhi and 0 began some adventures on board the ship FEF 07 in the year 2009. İhi discovered the existence of the Digital Sea and created there a virtual world with her great intelligence, and she also found a way to go to that virtual world called 'virtualisation'. She and 13 discovered that there was a hidden hydraulic supercomputer at his school. İhi always had many ideas to make plans, helping Josep Maria in everything she could. During these adventures they had to fight three times against XANA. İhi also discovered the limbo, which contains the imagination of the people, and contains the fictional universes seen in television shows. Then she found a way to go to these universes, called 'limbisation' and the opposite process to bring people from limbo to Earth, the 'materialisation'. With these discoveries they had many adventures, until 2011, when Josep Maria 15 graduated and left the school with that supercomputer. This appears in the second part of Planetes 3rd, where İhi has the rank of captain. She also appears only in the second half of Planetes Mata 2, but has little importance because she appears along with Josep Maria and 0 when the Earth and other ships different than the FEF 05 are shown.

On the 4th of April 2011, a Suliban changed the history because he began dating a girl named Kimberly who, according to the history narrated by Ɛ, she'd never have a boyfriend. Then everything changed: Josep Maria 16 began to study in a school where in the original timeline he never was. In his first year, in his classroom there was a girl named Erika, who was actually an unknown alien disguised as a human attempting to destroy the Teremedosians. He and his crew captured her for examination by beaming her to the FEF 07. Shortly after, in the summer of 2012, the 07 was absorbed by a fracture in the subspace which sent the ship to the year 2412 and into the original timeline. There they found a ship named USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-F), and a crewman from the Enterprise, Ensign Miral Paris, had been studying the secret Federation Starfleet from the 21st century. There they discovered their own future in the original timeline, and they also discovered that Erika reincarnated in a 12-year-old girl, Annika Caetano, wanted to destroy the universe as we know it and create a universe under her control. With Erika's unexpected help, they managed to stop Annika Caetano because Erika trapped her own future version inside a vortex making her cease to exist. And also with Erika's help, they went back to their century and to their timeline. This is shown in the film Planetes III: Between Two Time.

In the year 2013, Josep Maria 18 and the crew of the spaceship FEF 07 discover that Erika's species in reality is a very important species for the universe, since they've created all the existing energy. But some unknown entities have exterminated all the members of her species, leaving only two girls: Erika and another girl, named Velika (Велика). This last girl is somewhere at the south-east of Europe, but Josep Maria 18 only saw her by chance in a trip he made with his father, and the Federation Starfleet lost her trace. The entities who want to destroy Erika and Velika (Велика) in order to exterminate the species are unknown, but Josep Maria 18 discovers that a life form who isn't supposed to exist is the one who can exterminate the species. This life form is the Golden Creation, who at present takes the form of a girl of his age and who goes to his church, named Kіrаnnіѕ. But she doesn't know anything about her powers, and there are some entities behind her that are those who handle it everything. The Federation Starfleet wants to be neutral to this clash, but they'll be forced to collaborate when there isn't another remedy. Besides, the entitaties who are controlling the Golden Creation can create perception filters, which are people or elements that in reality don't exist but everybody sees them and thinks they're real. The unknown entities use these filters to deceive the officers of the Federation Starfleet, and especially Josep Maria 18. Then they decide to join with more people: the McClain sisters (China, Lauryn and Sierra), and a friend from Josep Maria 18's church: Lorena. Besides, Lina and Rutitto are back to help their ancient friends. Also they discover that another friend from Josep Maria 18's church, Melvin, has a granddaughter who will be a time traveller more important than Dany. İhi creates new inventions to be able to understand this war and resolve all the enigmas. But Erika doesn't know that Velika (Велика) is alive and thinks she's the last one, and doesn't want to believe what Josep Maria 18 is saying. This is shown in the film Planetes IV: The Energy of the Universe.

In Summer 2015, Josep Maria 20 fell in love with a mermaid named Alexandra, due to an enchantment of her species known as a 'mermaid link'. Therefore İhi ends her relationship with her boyfriend and remains on Earth like a normal girl, also it seems she loses her memory about the Federation Starfleet and her ex-boyfriend. Then Josep Maria 20 wants something more with Lauryn. All this is shown in the film Planetes V: Your Name on Earth. And İhi began another secret relationship with a guy from her town named Расо Соrrеа dе lа Rоѕа.

Career as an adult

María Isabel in 2020.

After a career hiatus due to her relationship with Josep Maria and her duties as an officer in the Federation Starfleet, María Isabel returned to music in 2015, eleven years after her debut, with her sixth studio album, Yo Decido.

On the 29th of December 2015, María Isabel was announced as one of the six candidates to represent Spain in the wikipedia:Eurovision Song Contest 2016. She took part in the televised national final organised by Televisión Española with a song composed by David Santisteban and titled “La vida sólo es una”, the first single from Yo Decido. She came 4th with 68 points.

On the 5th of July 2019, María Isabel released a single titled "Tu Mirada". The song, composed by María Isabel, Elena Medina and Yadam González, was produced by the latter, a Cuban musician and producer, winner of a Latin Grammy®. The recording took place at the Lemon Tree Entertainment studios in Miami (USA) and at Mapa Música in Madrid (Spain).

That same year, on the 1st of November 2019, the song “Flamenkita” was released, produced by Austin, Juan Magán's regular collaborator in his productions. A reggaeton-style song that mixes urban sound with flamenco touches, which transmits strength, essence and dance, with very powerful bass that reminds of the mythical TR-808 drum machine and with vocal melodies in different registers. “It's the song I always imagined, because it's me. The urban sound predominates in the production, with some flamenco sounds and all of this is combined with my usual way of singing. Power, race, dance and a lot of strength, this is Flamenkita, with K because sometimes I like to be a little irreverent”. The artist shared the composition of the song with the producer himself, Austin, and Mario Pérez.

On the 24th of January 2020, María Isabel premieres “Dos de la Tarde”, the third release of this new musical stage in which she's fully immersed. This new single, recorded in Miami with the prestigious Guatemalan producer living in the United States, Rodolfo Castillo, again explores reggaeton sounds with Latin pop influences, and a lyric that festively proposes the freedom to live in the moment, in a clear statement of intentions to be able to do what you want, when you want and with whom you want. María Isabel feels very comfortable with the style of her new compositions, "I'm making the music I really love and feel".

María Isabel's career of successes is unstoppable, they arrive one after another. On the 27th of March of this year, she launched “Sentir Cosquillitas”, a new musical proposal that was born as a result of the collaboration with the singer and composer Moncho Chavea, the king of gypsy trap, for his personal mix of flamenco, hip-hop and reggaeton. In this new song by María Isabel, “the urban sounds that I like so much are still very strong, but you can also see my roots, my flamenco part. It's a mixture of sounds that inspire and fill me”. She was inspired by her former secret relationship with Josep Maria to create this song, but nobody knows. However, this song makes it clear that she still remembers her ex-boyfriend and her past life in the Federation Starfleet with him but she doesn't want anything with him any more and has moved on forever. “Sentir Cosquillitas” was recorded in Miami at the end of 2019, being again in the production Rodolfo Castillo, one of the most recognised names on the Latin scene today.

On the 3rd of July 2020, María Isabel and hitmaker Juan Magán join their voices in “Esa Carita”, a global hit that could become the musical event of the year in Spain and in the Latin record markets of America, Europe and Asia. A new musical project that combines current Urban Music bases with sounds reminiscent of Jamaican reggae, an adaptation of the Indonesian song “Bagaikan Langit”, popularly known around the world by the #emojifacechallenge. The producers of the song in Spanish, Juanma Leal, Juan Magán himself and Ricardo Campoy, took another approach to the original lyrics of the song, adding parts of own creation, and transforming it into a story of young love, “our story starring two people in love who live separated by distance and they communicate through social networks, sending each other smiling emoji faces, emojis that throw kisses with hearts or stick out their tongues while winking…” In this way, the viral experience of more than 500 million people on social networks, it becomes the new international production of María Isabel.

The artist has combined for 2020 new musical productions with their participation in the eighth season of the talent show on Antena 3 'Your Face Sounds Familiar'), along with other celebrities like Gemeliers, Mario Vaquerizo, Belinda Washington, Rocío Madrid, Nerea Rodríguez, Cristina Ramos, Jorge González or El Monaguillo. In this successful program, audience leader in Spain, María Isabel has imitated, amongst other artists, Billie Eilish, Romeo Santos, Isabel Pantoja or Leire Martínez from La Oreja de Van Gogh with whom she won the broadcast of the program that week, obtaining a prize of € 3000 to donate to a charitable cause.

In some point of 2019, she broke up with Расо Соrrеа dе lа Rоѕа and began another relationship with a boy also from her town named Јеѕúѕ Маrсhеnа Еѕquіnа, but this time they preferred to tell everybody about their relationship and to date openly.

Alternative future

Seasons 5-16 of SerieStar4 show the possible future of the characters without the changes in the history by the Sulibans: İhi appears married to Josep Maria # and has two sons, Dany (Ɛ's true identity) and Êlisy. Dany has a son, Adry, and their descent continues. In the original timeline she'll retire from the Federation Starfleet when she'll be 56, but she continues to appear throughout the series.

Mirror universe

Main article: Lola

İhi in mirror universe is one of the twenty survivors from Teremedó, she married Yusma in 2012 although he's still being a womaniser, like most men in the mirror universe. In 2017, Regent Andrea killed Yusma and sent Mirror Universe's İhi Kadse back in time where she began to live a life on Prime Universe's Earth under the name Lola and with a family from Argentina, without remembering anything about her previous life. In the non-altered timeline, İhi is killed in 2095 by a Terran (human), taking advantage of the fact that she turns 100 and loses her powers.

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